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  • The petition of the day is: Bonner v. City of Brighton, Michigan 14-63 Issue: (1) Whether certiorari should be granted to resolve the conflicting decisions between the Michigan Supreme Court and other states’ courts as to whether an ordinance violates substantive and procedural due process when it creates a presumption that an unsafe structure shall […]
  • The same-sex marriage case that is most familiar to the Supreme Court — from Utah — is close to being ready for the Justices to consider it alone or among other cases for review. Lawyers for three couples — two who wish to marry, and one seeking official recognition of their existing marriage — on […]
  • And which law schools best prepare their graduates for Biglaw? Source:
  • * Here’s the international sign for “don’t urinate in public.” Glad to know we needed a sign for this. [National Review] * An illegal hostile work environment is created when coworkers wear confederate flag T-shirts. Because… obviously it is. Professor Volokh thinks this is unconstitutional. Apparently a document drafted by white slaveholders is set up… […]
  • Does assaulting your parents in a way that is particularly hurtful to their religious values constitute a federal hate crime? Source:
  • Becker & Poliakoff issues yet another statement about how they won’t fire a homophobe. Source:
  • America, I don’t even recognize you anymore. Source:
  • LUSAKA, Aug 28 (Reuters) – Ghana’s cedi is expected to remain stable in coming weeks, supported by positive investor sentiment ahead of the country’s Eurobond issue, while east Africa’s currencies are seen flat to weaker next week. Source:
  • Latham still has an opportunity to defend itself, but the language of the opinion is not encouraging. Source:
  • * Air service suspension threatens aid operation – WHO (Adds details, quotes) Source:
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