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  • You call this “fiscal conservatism” Scott Walker? Source:
  • * Has obtained from lenders of $300 mln Ebok debt facility a deferral of $50 mln amortisation payment due on Jan. 31 2015 until Feb. 27 2015 Source:
  • Apparently no one brushed up on legal ethics over the break. Source:
  • The deaths of two young police recruits has been blamed on the high youth unemployment rate plaguing the East Africa country. Source:
  • The world woke up to a new threat in 2014 in the shape of the Ebola virus, which tore through Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Source:
  • LAGOS, Jan 30 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s presidential challenger Muhammadu Buhari pledged to cheering crowds in opposition stronghold Lagos that he would tackle the country’s three greatest ills — insecurity, inequality and corruption. Source:
  • 2014 was a banner year for lateral movement in the legal industry. But, which law firms hired the most lateral partners? Which firms had the greatest number of partner defections? Source:
  • If ever there was a time for a unity march against terror, it is now in Nigeria in the election season. Source:
  • DAKAR, Jan 30 (Reuters) – African countries want to extend a new catastrophe insurance fund, which made its first payout of $25 million this month, to include protection against epidemics in the wake of the devastating Ebola outbreak. Source:
  • John Elwood reviews Monday’s relisted cases. The newspapers were right: snow was general all over New England this week … though, perhaps not as general as some meteorologists had feared. In any event, we hope those of you who found yourselves with an undeserved mid-week snow day made judicious use of your extra time – […]
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