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  • * Prospective presidential candidate and perennial president of the Elie Mystal Fan Club Mike Huckabee is proposing term limits for Supreme Court justices. Funny how this became a conservative cause célèbre as soon as the polls suggest they’re looking at 16 years of Democratic presidents. [L.A. Times] * Texas firm Cox Smith is merging with […]
  • Do your due diligence before making a private marijuana investment, and do the same before you invest in any publicly traded marijuana company. Source:
  • The cause of electronic privacy gained a bit in the Supreme Court on Monday as the Justices ruled that it is a search, subject to constitutional challenge, when police install a monitoring device on an individual’s body to track movements after being convicted of a crime. The Court did not itself settle, at this point, […]
  • MAIDUGURI, Nigeria, March 30 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s election is in some ways a referendum on President Goodluck Jonathan’s record on the economy, power shortages and corruption, but for residents of northeasterly Borno state the key issue was his fight against Boko Haram. Source:
  • You may be a toddler in attorney years, but you can still give practical advice about career planning. Source:
  • No matter how high your earnings, if you get arrested for domestic violence, you’ll find yourself sitting on a bench in the front of the courtroom right next to the lowly perps with rap sheets as developed as your stock portfolio. Source:
  • Which law school is best represented in Apple’s legal department? You might be surprised. Source:
  • Analysis The Supreme Court, supposedly, is an appeals court set up to decide issues of law, and should not have to spend its hours — no, its days — getting familiar with a factual record that may run into many volumes. But if the Court is to decide the case it heard on Monday, Brumfield […]
  • UNITED NATIONS, March 30 (Reuters) – Boko Haram militants were unable to disrupt Nigeria’s presidential election, a United Nations envoy said on Monday, but the group’s allegiance to Islamic State insurgents shows it has an agenda that goes beyond Africa’s top oil producer and biggest economy. Source:
  • * Proposed placing of up to 85,900,000 new common shares through an accelerated bookbuilding process to qualified investors Source:
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