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  • April 30 (Reuters) – Beleaguered oil producer Afren Plc said it had secured $255 million from its bondholders and was in talks for a wider recapitalisation plan to be completed by the end of July. Source:
  • Yesterday’s decision in Williams-Yulee v. Florida Bar was the self-described “rare” case in which a campaign finance speech restriction survived strict scrutiny. It was also the exceedingly rare case in which the Chief Justice joined the more liberal wing of the Court to uphold a campaign finance restriction. Coming down just one day after the […]
  • After Tuesday’s marathon session in the marriage cases and Wednesday’s first (and tense) argument in Glossip, one can understand if the Justices’ attention was focused elsewhere when WilmerHale partner Mark Fleming stepped to the podium representing the petitioner in Mata v. Lynch. After all, as we noted in our argument preview, the government had already […]
  • The result in the Williams-Yulee case was a difficult one to predict except that it was entirely predictable that the result would be by a deeply divided Court. It is no surprise that it was a five-to-four ruling, and no surprise at all that the jurists on both sides appear to have been irritated and […]
  • Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) has placed a total ban on importation of poultry and its products from Burkina Faso following an outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu) in the neighbouring country. Source:
  • NAIROBI, April 30 (Reuters) – The following company announcements, scheduled economic indicators, debt and currency market moves and political events may affect African markets on Thursday. – – – – – EVENTS: *Kenya, Uganda and Zambia to release consumer inflation data for April. *Central Bank of Kenya to auction 91-day Treasury bills worth 1 billion […]
  • The petition of the day is: Hardin v. Ohio 14-1008Issue: Whether an autopsy report created as part of a homicide investigation, and asserting that the death was caused by homicide, is “testimonial” under the Confrontation Clause framework established in Crawford v. Washington. Source:
  • SYDNEY, April 30 (Reuters) – A Brazilian man executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder did not understand what was happening to him until his final moments, a priest assigned as his spiritual adviser told Australia’s ABC radio on Thursday. Source:
  • The blog is delighted to host an online symposium on today’s decision in Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar. Our first post is a foreword to the symposium by Ronald K.L. Collins, who organized the event. Suppose a state’s view is [that] we want . . . our judiciary to be above the political fray so […]
  • Are lawyers really to blame for an unfair judicial system? Source:
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