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  • * Out-of-state mistress had insufficient contacts with the state for wife’s alienation of affection tort. Hos in different area codes: it’s not a saying, it’s a legal doctrine. [Legal Profession Blog] * The Orange County D.A.’s office took withholding evidence to a whole new level. Actually, probably more frightening, this behavior probably isn’t all that […]
  • What role should firm culture play in your lateral move? Source:
  • What drove him into this situation, and what will happen to him next? Source:
  • Practice pointer: do not appear as a client’s defense attorney at trial when there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. Source:
  • MAIDUGURI, Nigeria, May 29 – At least seven people died and 12 were injured when twin bomb blasts by suspected Boko Haram militants struck a wedding party in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state on Friday, locals said. Source:
  • The ATL Law School Rankings are out. Here’s what’s wrong with them. Source:
  • * U.S. pledges greater military assistance (Adds comment by UK foreign secretary) Source:
  • LONDON, May 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Food shortages threaten some 200,000 people in northern Cameroon after cross-border raids by Islamist sect Boko Haram forced people to flee their homes and fields, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday. Source:
  • I don’t remember when or why I decided to learn everything about rock and roll. It’d be a nice sentimental story if there was an identifiable eureka moment, but there probably wasn’t. I definitely remember thinking I used to play air guitar to Clash records in the garage, but all memory gets apocryphal if you […]
  • The finals of the Darpa Robotics Challenge are almost upon us! The culmination of years of research and engineering will play out before us on the 5th and 6th of June in Pomona, California. At stake, 2 million dollars for the winner and the title of the most rescue-ready robot. The purpose of the challenge […]
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