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  • Operators of electric generating plants that burn coal or oil have a right to try to convince the government that regulating poisons that come out of their smokestacks will cost them too much and thus should not go ahead, the Supreme Court ruled by a five-to-four vote on Monday. The decision focused on the very […]
  • The story of Glossip v. Gross is that no lethal injection protocol can satisfy people who believe there should be no executions. That has always been the subtext of the case. And now that the Justices have issued their opinions, it has become explicit. As Justice Alito and others noted at oral argument, the prisoners’ […]
  • Continuing to make sure that female employees and students have access to birth control, but that religious non-profit organizations where those women work or study do not have to provide it, the Supreme Court took action Monday on a case that is developing for next Term. In a two-page order, the Court turned aside requests […]
  • * President Buhari elected on anti-graft ticket (Adds quotes, detail, background) Source:
  • Justice Ginsburg with opinion of the Court (Art Lien) Analysis Unable itself to find a constitutional way to curb the habits of lawmakers in crafting new election districts to give their party an advantage, a divided Supreme Court ruled on Monday that a state’s voters can do that if they choose to hand over the […]
  • John Elwood reviews today’s relisted cases. Before clearing out of town for the summer recess, the Justices gathered for one final Conference today. Below are the relisted cases that they considered at that Conference. We’ll find out tomorrow at 9:30 whether any of these cases made the cut. Thanks to Stephen Gilstrap for compiling this […]
  • Judge Posner does not have a high opinion of Chief Justice Roberts’s dissent in the same-sex marriage case. Source:
  • ABUJA, June 29 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s state oil company earned 8.1 trillion naira ($41 billion) from 2012 until new President Muhammadu Buhari was inaugurated on May 29, but only paid 4.3 trillion into the federal government’s account, the country’s National Economic Council (NEC) said on Monday. Source:
  • In 2008, the Court rejected a challenge to the three-drug protocol that Kentucky used to carry out executions by lethal injection, holding that it did not violate the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. In that case, inmates had unsuccessfully argued that there was a risk of serious pain if the protocol was […]
  • A law student takes a one-liner from a cult TV show and turns it into an academic exploration of awesomeness. Source:
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