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  • This isn’t your ’90s Disney movie, nor is a movie based on the Kevin Sorbo TV series. And we’re really sad to say it isn’t Hercules in New York, although we have plans for that movie. Or, at least for Ah-nold. This is the 2014 release starring everyone’s favorite professional actor wrestler turned actor: Dwayne […]
  • * Chattels, bailment, and your car: What everyone needs to know. [Adequate Man] * What would the tax code look like if Donald Trump were president? A lot like Donald Trump actually. [Dealbreaker] * If it looks like a duck bribe, swims like a duck bribe, and quacks like a duck bribe, then it probably […]
  • What legaltech companies are hot? Source:
  • Tech columnist Jeff Bennion speaks with Mounil Patel of Mimecast about how hackers are trying to get our email — and what we can do about it. Source:
  • You might find this column funny only if you are a law professor. Otherwise, you’ll just find it scary. Source:
  • Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what public interest a public interest lawyer serves? Source:
  • LAGOS, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Half the Nigerian bonds listed on JP Morgan’s emerging markets bond index (GBI-EM) will be removed on Wednesday and the rest next month, the U.S. bank said on Tuesday. Source:
  • YAOUNDE, Sept 29 (Reuters) – The six-nation Central African CEMAC zone’s central bank said on Tuesday it had trimmed its 2015 economic growth forecast for the region to 2.5 percent from an earlier projection of 2.8 percent due to falling oil prices and security issues. Source:
  • LONDON, Sept 29 (Reuters) – Prices for Eurobonds from many commodity-exporting emerging markets have fallen sharply this week on fears that the latest metals price reversal will hit the ability to repay debt, especially in some African countries. Source:
  • “The Court is a place of great responsibility. It is a temple of truth. We who work here must dedicate ourselves to worship and service . . . . [I]f you have come here for any other purpose, you will be disappointed.” – Justice Felix Frankfurter to protagonist Caswell (“Cash”) Harrison, at the beginning of […]
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