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  • It’s not illegal for cops to kill black people. Source:
  • In overviews of the Supreme Court’s current term, the conventional wisdom is that the court is mostly shying away from controversial cases and topics, as it waits to learn when it will have a ninth justice and who that justice will be. There are currently no cases on the docket involving, for example, abortion, affirmative […]
  • Czyzewski v. Jevic Holding Corp., set for argument on December 7, involves a challenge to the increasingly fashionable use of “structured dismissal” to resolve Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Structured-dismissal practice is unlikely to emerge from the case unscathed. If the Supreme Court does reverse the appeals court’s decision upholding Jevic’s structured dismissal, though, it may […]
  • NAIROBI, Nov 30 (Reuters) – The following company announcements, scheduled economic indicators, debt and currency market moves and political events may affect African markets on Wednesday. – – – – – EVENTS: UGANDA – The country’s statistics office expected to announce consumer price inflation data for November. KENYA – November inflation data also expected to […]
  • The petition of the day is: Dot Foods, Inc. v. Department of Revenue for the State of Washington 16-308 Issue: Whether, or under what circumstances, imposing additional tax beyond the year preceding the legislative session in which the law was enacted violates due process. Source:
  • Today the first-argued case of the term yielded the first full opinion of the term. In Bravo-Fernandez v. United States, the court unanimously concluded that when a jury has returned inconsistent verdicts in a multi-count criminal case – acquittals on some counts but a conviction on another – the fact that the conviction count has […]
  • A figure from the patent involved in the case. Though Life Technologies v. Promega arises out of patent infringement litigation, the issue at the Supreme Court is really a classic statutory interpretation dispute turning on the meaning of the word “substantial.” Because the concept of substantiality is so ubiquitous in law (from the “substantial factor […]
  • As Republicans take control, let’s consider how tort reform would affect the growing litigation finance industry. Source:
  • * The New York City Council is considering a measure that would weigh a defendant’s ability to pay in setting bail. One small step away from de facto debtor prisons. [Politico] * One potential Homeland Security Secretary, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr., isn’t a big fan of habeas corpus. [Slate] * Trump’s Attorney General […]
  • Reporting on a disturbing trend. Source:
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