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  • * 9-Months ended Sept 2016 group revenue of 72.24 billion naira versus 69.99 billion naira year ago Source:
  • * 9-Months ended Sept 2016 revenue of 842.1 million naira versus 863.8 million naira year ago Source:
  • * HY ended Sept 2016 revenue of 24.42 billion naira versus 26.19 billion naira year ago Source:
  • The petition of the day is: Carpenter v. United States 16-402 Issue: Whether the warrantless seizure and search of historical cell phone records revealing the location and movements of a cell phone user over the course of 127 days is permitted by the Fourth Amendment. Source:
  • It’s Halloween, and the eight people dressed up as Supreme Court justices are about to spend an hour contemplating important questions of intellectual property, such as, “Does this cheerleader costume make me look fat?” One of the first things we learn during Monday’s arguments in Star Athletica LLC v. Varsity Brands Inc., about when a […]
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