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  • While global debates about democracy rage, Rwanda’s foreign minister is trying to calm tensions in the neighbourhood and get the best out of an economically prosperous East African Community. Source:
  • New financing mechanisms are helping to increase rice production in Nigeria. The country has a long way to go, however, before it has the milling capacity and irrigation systems needed to become self-sufficient, and can begin seeking export markets. Source:
  • Yesterday the justices heard oral argument in Carpenter v. United States, which asks whether the government must obtain a warrant before obtaining cell-site-location information from cellphone service providers. Amy Howe has this blog‘s argument analysis, which first appeared at Howe on the Court. Additional coverage comes from Richard Wolf for USA Today, who reports that […]
  • NAIROBI, Nov 30 (Reuters) – The following company announcements, scheduled economic indicators, debt and currency market moves and political events may affect African markets on Thursday. – – – – – * Uganda releases inflation GLOBAL MARKETS Asian shares fell on Thursday, weighed down by a plunge in high-flying technology shares, a move that some […]
  • IN AMERICA, YOU CELEBRATE BONUSES: In Above the Law, we bitch about health care. Here’s Proskauer in the crappy benefits barrel. I REALLY WANT PEOPLE TO CARE THAT SCOTUS DENIED CERT: If the Supreme Court isn’t going to stop gun regulation, we should have more gun regulation. Please clap, here. A GOP SENATOR IS VOTING […]
  • We’d like to extend our thanks to the great brands that sponsor Above the Law. Source:
  • Guide to Economic Indicators ———————————————————– This Diary is filed daily. ** Indicates new events ———————————————————– Source:
  • No degree, training, or education is required to use the one gift we all have: the ability to empathize Source:
  • The petition of the day is: FTS USA, LLC v. Monroe 17-637 Issues: (1) Whether the Fair Labor Standards Act and the due process clause permit a collective action to be certified and tried to verdict based on testimony from a small subset of putative plaintiffs without either any statistical or other similarly reliable showing […]
  • Petitioner Chris Murphy was a prisoner at the Vandalia Correctional Center in Illinois, where respondents Robert Smith and Gregory Fulk were guards. One day in 2011, Murphy noticed some food and water on his assigned seat in the prison cafeteria and reported it to Smith. Smith told Murphy to brush it off, which Murphy refused […]
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