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  • Of all the names on President Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees, Don Willett’s may be the best known outside rarefied legal circles. That’s because while he was running for his second term on the Texas Supreme Court in 2012, Willett embraced Twitter as a way to get his campaign message across, and […]
  • Which law firms were the best at giving back? Source:
  • Where are those bonuses? Source:
  • Stephanos Bibas sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit. He clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy during the October 1997 term. Twenty-six years ago, I was an eager summer intern in the middle of law school, working with a young lawyer named Greg Kennedy. The phone rang, and the caller asked to […]
  • Not in NY or D.C.? You’ll have to bill a lot of hours to come close to market compensation. Source:
  • LONDON, June 29 (Reuters) – Offers were plentiful on Friday, with premiums supported by Libyan outages, falling Iranian oil purchases and low availability of some Nigerian grades in August. Source:
  • Daniel Hemel is an assistant professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School. Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in the online-sales-tax case South Dakota v. Wayfair was his final — and most significant — decision involving the dormant commerce clause doctrine, which prohibits state and local governments from passing laws that discriminate against […]
  • LAGOS, June 29 (Reuters) – Britain and Nigeria are exploring ways to list naira-denominated bonds on the London Stock Exchange to help fund infrastructure projects in the West African country, the City of London’s Lord Mayor told Reuters. Source:
  • MOSCOW, June 29 (Reuters) – Diego Maradona may be a giant of the game’s history, soccer’s governing body FIFA said on Friday, but even he must show respect to other fans at World Cup stadiums. Source:
  • Elections due to be held before August will show if the ruling party and security services can turn a new page on the repression of the past, fight off a challenge from an invigorated opposition and win over international donors and investors waiting to take part in the revival of the economy Source:
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