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  • People are falling for this extortion. Don’t be one of them. Source:
  • We know who the White House should nominate next. Source:
  • July 20 (Reuters) – Asian spot liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices softened for another week as the focus of purchasing activity switched to September, encountering weak demand, new supply and a falling yuan potentially sapping Chinese demand. Source:
  • LAGOS, July 20 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s debt office will devise a green bond programme before the end of 2018 to raise funds for environmental projects, a junior minister for the environment said on Friday. Source:
  • LAGOS, July 20 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s debt office will devise a green bond programme before end of 2018, junior minister for environment said on Friday. Source:
  • Judge Brett Kavanaugh remains atop the slow-moving Supreme Court news cycle. Adam Liptak of The New York Times surveys 12 sets of evaluations spanning 700 pages from about 350 law students at Harvard, Yale and Georgetown and finds “almost only glowing praise for Judge Kavanaugh’s teaching.” Former Harvard students praise Kavanaugh in a letter at […]
  • Nigeria’s central bank asked lenders on Friday to submit bids for the Chinese yuan, traders said, in the first auction after it agreed a $2.5 billion swap with its Chinese counterpart in May. Source:
  • In Mozambique poets, authors, journalists and activists are pushing to develop a new generation of Lusophone writing Source:
  • Debts by utilities are a major challenge to expanding grid-based electrification on the continent. In East Africa, several investors have learnt this the hard way Source:
  • Biglaw Firm Raises Salaries: But not before they take their pound of flesh. Biglaw Firm Gets Called Out: Over their handling of the Baylor scandal. Wherein Elie Mystal Gets Really Mad: In fairness, it’s because there’s some white nationalist sh*t in WaPo, so totally deserved. Ryan Bounds Is Out: His Ninth Circuit nomination has been […]
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