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  • <img width="150" src="×150.jpg" alt="Symposium: Why Kisor is a case to watch” title=”Symposium: Why Kisor is a case to watch”>Kisor is a case to watch” title=”Symposium: Why Kisor is a case to watch”>Brianne Gorod is Chief Counsel at the Constitutional Accountability Center. There are lots of Supreme Court cases that don’t make big headlines. But that […]
  • Briefly: At Verdict, Sherry Colb discusses Mitchell v. Wisconsin, in which the court will decide whether a statute authorizing a blood draw from an unconscious motorist provides an exception to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement; she questions the utility of the “implied consent” concept, arguing that the Fourth Amendment analysis would be cleaner without it. […]
  • NAIROBI, Jan 31 (Reuters) – The currencies of Kenya and Uganda are seen trading firmer while the currency of Nigeria is seen stable and the currency of Tanzania is seen as depreciating in the coming week. Source:
  • Ghana and Sierra Leone (see page 48) are the latest African governments to expand the provision of free and compulsory state education, shining a light on problems of poor teacher training, the lack of classrooms and the need for school feeding programmes. Source:
  • LONDON, Jan 31 (Reuters) – On a cold, grey Sunday morning, in a street lined with shuttered builders’ yards and storage units, songs of prayer in the West African language of Yoruba ring out from a former warehouse that is now a church. Source:
  • Skadden Associate On What It’s Like To Be Hated: As a Pats fan, not as a Biglaw attorney. Though… is there much difference? Blowing Up Diversity BS: With Don Prophete. “States’ Rights” Is Being Dragged Out Of The Dust Bin Of History Again: This time in defense of gerrymandering. Shut Up Already: Why we let […]
  • We’re so thankful for your support. Source:
  • Interesting post-Biglaw job. Source:
  • ABUJA, Jan 30 (Reuters) – Nigerian opposition presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar said on Wednesday he would consider an amnesty for corruption suspects in order to help recover billions of dollars stashed abroad by the country’s politicians and government officials. Source:
  • Over the past several years the Supreme Court has undergone substantial change. Not only has the face of the court shifted, but so has its center, with the departure of Justice Anthony Kennedy. Oral arguments offer the only vantage point into the interactions and dynamics between the justices and provide some context for how they […]
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