2015 is the year I challenged myself to read all the books up for speculative fiction awards. I failed. I probably didn’t even read half of all of the books up for speculative fiction awards this year–HOWEVER, to be fair to me, there were a lot more speculative fiction awards than I realized when I set out to do this thing. A LOT more.

For instance, I had never previously heard of the Kitchies, though I will be watching them now, since several of my favorites from this year came from their list, including Girl in the Road, Memory of Water, and Grasshopper Jungle. There was a book that was up for the Kitchie that I never was able to find through the library because it is self-published, but which remains on my TBR list for its title alone: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers.

The awards that seemed best aligned with my personal favorites were: the Philip K. Dick (Elysium, Book of the Unnamed Midwife, and Memory of Water), the Arthur C. Clarke, (Girl with all the Gifts, The Book of Strange New Things, and Memory of Water), and the Campbell Award. (A Darkling Sea, Afterparty, The Martian, and Annihilation).

And, of course, this was the year of the Puppy Debacle, otherwise known as the Hugo Award. I don’t even know how to sum up that whole fiasco, except to say: I’m glad it’s over. Only, of course, it isn’t. All the people who bought voting rights for the Hugo this year will be able to nominate for next year and we could see another attempt by the Sad and/or Rabid Puppies to wrestle control of the nominations. This next year, however, I plan to attend WorldCon (the convention where the Hugo is awarded) because it’s close to home in Kansas City, MO, at Mid-America Con. So, if there are shenanigans, I will be on the ground to report them to you.

But that’s next year. This year I will leave you with a list of my top ten books I read in 2015:

  1. Nimona
  2. The Girl with All the Gifts
  3. The Girl in the Road
  4. Grasshopper Jungle
  5. Afterparty
  6. Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future
  7. Challenger Deep
  8. Half a King
  9. The Book of Strange New Things
  10. The Martian

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