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Hey, here we are again!

It’s one jillion degrees in Los Angeles this week (I mean the Los Angeles I am in; not the Los Angeles of the recent past that our models are in), and so I’m not entirely certain that all of this is something I watched instead of something I hallucinated. But that’s pretty much true every week, and so we will soldier on. We have model fights, joy, and sadness this week, so let’s hop to.

As has been usual this season, we head straight back to the Model House right after panel. Lacey had the best photo last week! What’s written over it is “SASSY ENERGY ATTITUDE” and whatever other misspelled hastags the badger stepped on as it wandered drunkenly over the keyboard.

(Last week’s photos were not retouched, for which the models apparently deserved those big Cowardly Lion Courage medals.) Lacey says she feels hot and confident and “hashtag raw and real.” What do we need to do to get people to stop saying “hashtag” as though it works with spoken words? Lacey says she was “au naturel,” inadvertently reminding us that she’s on Team Virgin. Lacey invites Nyle to hang out in the Tyra Suite with her, using zero real sign language and a lot of pointing. Nyle is happy for Lacey, but bummed about being called boring last week.

Mikey, hitting that delicate sweet spot between dirtbag and douchebag, says Nyle is a great guy, but not everyone is going to want to deal with being deaf, so that’s a disadvantage as a model. Mikey seems fine with the idea that Nyle, who at last count was 800,000 BTUs hotter than Mikey, would be eliminated for that reason. Way to be a prince, Mikey.

Ava, sensing more drama about last week’s fight is afoot, wisely says that she doesn’t want to hear about anything from the past. Courtney says, “Starting today, I wasn’t going to say anything about it.” Oof.

Bello interviews that he’s realizing that Courtney is a little bit sneaky and will listen to your conversation and take it to whoever you don’t like. And, indeed, we saw her do that very thing last week. And, yes, I feel for Courtney, who probably doesn’t have the self-esteem to feel like she can make friends in other ways, but yeesh, being on the other end of that sucks.

Ava says she isn’t quite equipped for all this because she was homeschooled, which is intriguingly perceptive. She notes that the outside world has more drama than homeschool, which, yeah. Though I guess that can depend on the home school in question. Ava says she needs to hold back and focus on herself.

(As you can see, there will be a fair amount of Team Virgin this week, no doubt a nod to the fact that the Cathars abhorred reproductive sex as something that would tie more souls to the material world. One hears, conversely, that many Cathars were totally OK with non-reproductive forms of sex, and boy, would I like to see a rural county clerk go to bat for THAT.)

Justin and Mame are in the shower together, and is it me, or is there a LOT more bathroom camera footage in than in cycles past?

It just seems like a bit much for the contestants to put up with, even on reality TV. On the other hand, that’s where like 50% of the stupid fights have been happening and the models seem totally blasé about it, so fine. I guess that’s what the kids are doing these days.

Justin charmingly interviews that he and Mamé are just being efficient and saving water.

I do like the fact that Justin is both so open about his feelings for Mamé and so apparently discreet about the details of their relationship. (Minus, I guess, the part where someone wanders through while they’re showering.)

Mikey, ever the deft observer of human emotions, says he knows for a fact that Mamé really likes Justin. OH, DO YOU THINK SO, MIKEY? Perhaps Mikey is confused by the fact that Justin hasn’t taken the opportunity to treat Mamé like leftover Spam. Devin crudely asks if they’ve had sex yet. Because he thinks they’re such a cute couple! If they have, apparently Justin and Mamé have mysteriously chosen to do so without whamming their bed against that of a sleeping person in a communal room. Go figure.

Mikey interviews that Mamé and Justin like each other and he and Ashley like each other and everyone knows that. Either Mikey likes to state things on which we all have a very firm grasp, or he has inspired the distaste of one of the editors and is getting the dimwit cut. Either way, I’m fine with it.

Hadassah has been in the bottom two twice in a row and is stressed out. Ava is listening, which she seems to be genuinely good at. At least Hadassah is admitting that modeling is new to her and she has things to learn, which is a pretty big step for her.

Workout time. Hadassah is doing all the kinds of cardio that have ever been invented while Mamé watches from a couch like ten feet away and talks to a visibly uncomfortable Ashley.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

For real, it seems very close. Are we to believe that Hadassah, even while on the bike or the elliptical, can’t hear any of this? Or feel the jets of napalm coming out of Mamé’s eyes? Mamé acknowledges that, yes, both she and Hadassah are pageant girls, but she says, as Hadassah switched to the Stairmaster, that Hadassah is too much of a pageant girl for this competition. Mamé says Hadassah is just not cutting it and has been in fights with almost everyone in the house. Indeed, we get a montage of Hadassah driving people up the walls (more cardio!) to underscore Mamé’s point. Hadassah switches to the jump rope for a bit before Mickey comes in to make her chase a chicken and hit sides of beef.


The bus is here!

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

We’re seeing a lot of the bus pulling up to get the models this season. I’m not sure what narrative arc we’re going for with this, but I’m on board. I keep thinking one time the bus will take them on a magic journey to learn about science, or it will pull up and the doors will open and rivers of blood will pour out. OK, probably the second one.

Hey, this challenge will be with Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson. Kelly calls her a super successful curvy model and then breaks out Tyra’s condescending “fiercely real” nonsense. They’ll be modeling for Kelly’s client Simply Be.

Kelly breaks them into teams and tells them to think about who they are and then think up a phrase “Simply be _____.” They’ll have 30 minutes to come up with a campaign, and they’ll be modeling with Whitney. And then Kelly reminds them that Simply Be is her client, so don’t stink up the joint.

Two of the teams have been chosen with a medium-Satanic level of cruelty, so well done whichever sadistic producer got assigned to that.

Ashley and Ava will be working together because they’re not actively screaming at someone. Courtney will be with Devin, which is essentially pairing a new spring buttercup bud with Hurricane Ivan.

Bello will be with Mamé and Mikey. Only the Bello part of that makes sense until you see what they’ve got (very obviously pre-) planned.

Hadassah and Lacey will work together, and then Justin and Nyle are paired, apparently under the assumption that they will both just be pleasant and they can be skipped right over.

Ava is nervous this week, and we see Ashley spot that and take Ava in hand and help her with her clothing choices to get her focused and moving forward. You’ll notice that Ashley does this in a calm and positive way, in marked contrast to that time when Mikey “helped” Courtney focus by cornering her in another room and telling her not to fuck this up for him.

Kelly asks Mikey what his team will be, and Mikey says “Simply be comfortable.” Kelly, who is apparently unfamiliar with ladies of a certain orientation, says comfortable doesn’t sell.

Mikey says simply be sex, then, and Kelly massages that to “simply be seductive” and then walks briskly away to see if she can get a quick electrical jolt to revive the neurons that started withering during that conversation.

Lacey says her team will simply be awkward. Kelly hates that one even more than comfortable, and it is tough to argue with her position that that one is not going to make clothes go flying off the shelves. Kelly suggests sassy, which is nothing like awkward and confirms for the viewing audience that Kelly maybe went in there with a list.

Courtney says she and Devin will simply be unique, which does work for them. He’s all over Courtney’s makeup artist to the point where she’s about to jam a mascara wand straight into his eyeball, but he says he has to do it or Courtney won’t do anything. Mikey and Devin seem to have a lot of reasons for why they are the good guys who simply have to push Courtney around.

Justin and Nyle decide that they will simply be heard, and their concept is that they’re competing in trying to romance Whitney. It’s a sweet concept and their execution of it looks super fun. Nyle stops pretending to play guitar and just holds it over Whitney’s head at some point, and it seems like a bit of playfulness that they’re all in on and enjoying. Kelly likes Nyle’s playfulness too, and also likes it when he obeys her suggestion to remove his shirt.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Mikey, Bello, and Mamé are going to simply be seductive, and Justin says Mamé is great because Justin seems to be a sane, secure human being who is not threatened by admitting that he likes his girlfriend.

Kelly, in a burst of pure shit-stirring producer-fed evil, says Mamé and Mikey should make out and Bello and Whitney should walk into the shot and be surprised. Justin and Ashley are, of course, watching. Kelly says Mamé and Mikey have to really kiss, and in an interview Mikey creepily describes Mamé’s sexiness. Ick.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Justin says he isn’t the jealous type (Cf: sane, secure human being), but says he felt “some type of way” at seeing her kissing Mikey for the shot. We don’t hear Ashley’s reaction because in many ways this show’s gender roles are stuck in about 1958, so of course all it wants to see is men getting territorial and chest-beating over women. Sigh.

Ava and Ahsley are going to simply be fearless. Ava wants to be uplifting, which is sweet. Ashley says Ava’s mind isn’t in the game, which may be true, or may be editing. Kelly coaches Ava to try the classic Janice Dickinson taxi-hailing move, but it falls flat. Oh, dear.

Hadassah and Lacey are supposed to simply be sassy, but mostly they simply be sitting there. Kelly gets so frustrated that she stars channeling Yu Tsai and just shouts “Model model model model model!” at them.

Whitney says that Courtney suffered because of her pairing with Devin. Honey, you don’t know the half of it. We see Devin bossing all over the damn shoot and Whitney wanting to clock him. Whitney puts the trouble down to Courtney being an introvert and Devin having a “big” personality. Kind of like how Chicago has a “big” pond out back. Courtney says she didn’t think they got a good shot, but doesn’t know what to think anymore and you never know. Plus she’s exhausted from being in Devin’s Amazing Night of a Thousand Devins.

Kelly brings everyone in to look at the shots.

Team Unique: Devin overshadows Courtney, both because he was really on point for the shoot and because his inner personality is always wearing a silver lame tuxedo and a top hat and carrying an iguana on its shoulder.

Team Sassy: Whitney is the only sassy person in the shot and owns it completely. Lacey and Hadassah look like they might actually be cutouts.

Team Fearless: Kelly says Ava looks scared. She doesn’t really. Oh crap oh crap, Ava is getting the Bottom Two edit.

Team Seductive: Kelly, tossing her instincts about Mikey’s personality aside, says he nailed it. If I were Bello, I’d be pissed – the whole setup of the shot sidelined him just so they could transparently stir up drama.

Team Heard: Dustin and Nyle were dashing and fun and they WIN! Hooray! There of course can only be one challenge winner… And it’s Nyle! He feels great to be on an upswing.

We all go home to see the scoreboard. I guess Bello won’t be all that pissed – he and Mikey both have nines. Ava has a seven and she’s bummed. She’s crying and calls her family while in her rainbow bikini.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -
That is oddly sweet. Ava says this has been her dream since she was a “small chick” and asks God for the strength to keep going. (Ava is not a Cathar. Tyra knows this. I hope this isn’t what has caused the downfall of her fortunes on the show.)

Mamé calls her mom and tells her about Justin. Mom tells Mamé to focus. Heh.

Justin reiterates that he did not care for the Mamé-Mikey kiss. Justin is pretty open about the fact that his feelings for Mamé are getting stronger because, again, he is not someone who feels the need to assert control over the women he dates by pretending he doesn’t like them. It’s refreshing.


Mamé says that in the morning they all decided to clean the house. Except for Bello and Hadassah, who slept. Mamé tries to make it sound like this is a clear division of virtue and vice, but it’s not like there was a house meeting the night before where they all agreed to get up and do this, so I am inclined to cut Bello and Hadassah some slack. Mamé would only cut Hadassah some slack if it were attached to a sandbag over her head.

OK, here’s where it gets weird. I would almost call it a classic Top Model pointless fight, except that it’s so weird I don’t know if it even fits in that category.

As we know, Mamé was pre-mad at Hadassah for not cleaning and also for flirting with Justin last week and also for being Hadassah. Hadassah is in the shower and Mamé just walks on in to the bathroom to pee (I hope she pees fiercely, as Miss J. demonstrated last week.) Hadassah gets angry and wants Mamé to leave. And, really, it’s tough not to be on Hadassah’s side here. Yes, one housemate casually coming in to pee while another one is showering is a thing that sometimes happens, but generally it’s a thing that is either explicitly negotiated at some point or gradually evolves over a great deal more time than these people have been in the house together.

Also it generally happens between people who like each other to some degree, and I think it’s safe to say that Mamé and Hadassah don’t.

On the other hand, we saw Devin walk through while Mamé and Justin were showering earlier and Hadassah is showering in a room that has been wired for cameras and sound. The Top Model folks have done some pretty grody stuff in their day, but we can assume that they wouldn’t put cameras in the bathrooms without telling anyone, can’t we? Oh, god, we can’t. Well, let’s at least hope that’s the case.

Anyway, there is a big scream-fight between Mamé and Hadassah, and, wow, Hadassah, I am impressed that you got into it right then and there. It feels like a pretty big psychological disadvantage to fight when only one of you is naked and the jaybird is you. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it frees you to go totally tits-out berserk. We have been watching model fights for so long and yet we still have so much to learn. That is the beauty of ANTM.

Bello tries to pull Mamé out at one point, but Mamé makes her point by angrily staying in the bathroom and brushing her teeth. I know Mamé has built up a lot of resentment here, but “I get to be in the bathroom as much as I want while you are showering” is maybe not the hill you should die on, you know?

The bus almost leaves without Bello and Ava, but that is a MacGuffin, as it is completely without incident. Instead, Hadassah starts the whole fight again, apparently wanting to see if it plays out differently when she’s clothed. Mamé says she doesn’t like to argue, but she is certainly managing to work past her distaste.

The bus almost leaves without Bello and Ava, but that is a MacGuffin, as it is completely without incident. Instead, Hadassah starts the whole fight again, apparently wanting to see if it plays out differently when she’s clothed. Mamé says she doesn’t like to argue, but she is certainly managing to work past her distaste.

Lacey looks on at the fight with the dead eyes of someone who has correctly guessed that this fight will never be over. Ava does her makeup in the middle of all of it, with a genuinely hilarious I-am-ignoring-everything-about-your-entire-beings face. What a trial-by-fire way to learn about drama.

Hadassah calls Mamé “ghetto,” causing Devin to screech with the scandal of it all.

Mamé calls Hadassah “Pageant Girl,” but then remembers to assert that she’s the ranking pageant girl with a title here. Hadassah interviews that Mamé is behaving in a way that is unbecoming of a Miss USA contender. Please. That thing is owned by Donald Trump. If Mamé really wants to win, she should step up the shouting and work in some racism.

Nyle texts to Mikey (though he then just hands him the device) “Sorry you have to listen to this drama.” Nyle knows the advantage he has here. I’m glad he’s savoring it.

Mamé mocks Hadassah and calls her “ghetto” for yelling and Hadassah checks out of the argument. That was an irritating argument that got way out of hand. I will point out, though, that Hadassah’s entirely reasonable thesis is that one should at least knock and ask before striding into an occupied bathroom. Attention must be paid.

Photo time!

Yu Tsai says the models will “literally be possessed by high fashion,” by which he means they will be figuratively possessed by high fashion. Goddammit, show. He then says the models will be suspended in a harness and that they will have a fashion exorcism, which makes even less sense than you think it does, because they totally do not have anything resembling an exorcism. Which is a shame, because I would love to see them working some pea-soup vomit while priest-models throw holy water on them.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Ava interviews that she was shocked at the demonic theme because she’s a good Christian, only she clearly wasn’t. It feels like this is something the producers tried to lead her into saying three or four times and then she just went ahead and said it to be amiable. She doesn’t seem to be of a particularly intolerant strain of Christianity and she does seem to have been pretty chill about it in the house. And it’s not like the models were having #HailSatan written across their bodies in lipstick, though you are welcome for that idea, producers.

Yu Tsai also says that everyone will be getting haunting blue contacts so they’ll have eyes like Bello, which is an odd moment. It’s hard to tell if Bello is getting singled out with praise for his naturally striking eyes, or if a little shade is being thrown and we’re meant to get the idea that those eyes aren’t so very natural after all.

Anyway, the bright blue contacts the other models are given are awesome (to the extent that they read in the final photographs). Hadassah give a serious interview about her chances and the tension in the house while she’s forgotten she’s in her demon makeup and it’s the best.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Speaking of the demon makeup, what the hell happened to the budget for this shoot? This one is just flat-out embarrassing. For one thing, they don’t look like they’re possessed at all. The models have gray bike shorts on because apparently that’s what welcomes Beelzebub in, and then they’re wrapped in cheesecloth and have baby powder thrown all over them. Seriously: They all look like the ghost in your high school’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. It’s like someone in production forgot everything after ordering the contacts and then at the last minute they just gave a PA $12 to run to the drugstore.

Also Erik Asla is our photographer AGAIN. What does Tyra have pictures of him doing? He’s a perfectly lovely photographer and all, but part of the fun of the show used to be seeing how different photographers could bring genuinely different looks to each shoot. Personal to Nigel Barker: You are missed.

Mikey goes first. He gets praise, but then Yu Tsai yells, “Remember, you’re not a fairy!” Mikey says it’s hard and uncomfortable, and it does look like both of those things.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Ava goes and Yu Tsai hates her scream and comes over to the side to make fun of it. I’m glad he took so much time to rag on the sound of her scream, since that will really read on camera. Ugh, this is another shoot where Yu Tsai is just the fucking worst at giving direction. If he already likes what the model is doing, he gives praise; if he doesn’t, he yells insults and gives zero helpful clues about what he’d like better. And then he runs to the side camera to insult the models because he thinks that’s delightful and, I’m guessing, makes him feel better about himself. Get some therapy, Yu Tsai!

Ahsley looks good. Yu Tsai likes Devin, so Devin gets praise.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Lacey has some impressive flexibility and is bent way backwards. Way to bring the pose to possession, Lacey.

Mamé looks scary and good. Hadassah says she wasn’t a fan of Mamé’s work, but admits that she got positive feedback. (Which means Mamé must have done well, because Yu Tsai only knows praise and insults.)

Hadassah struggles. Yu Tsai says she smiles when she’s frustrated – definitely a useful pageant habit, as Hadassah points out – and when she does that, it looks like she doesn’t care. Which would be a useful insight if Yu Tsai used it, but he doesn’t: He huffs and sends Hadassah away for she’s not taking the shoot seriously when he has just explicitly stated that he knows that isn’t really the case. This can’t be useful for the photographer, can it?

Bello is in what looks like a corset and seems so happy to be floating. He screams all over the place and says he’ll try anything. Which he does. Good for him.

The photographer says Justin isn’t trying to look possessed. Yu Tsai weirdly has Mamé to go up and coach Justin. It’s a dumb, obviously canned moment, but she’s happy to. She tells Justin to scream and by the end he looks great.

Courtney she says she can’t breathe in the harness and she has back and shoulder problems and it’s hard and come on, Courtney, buck up! You can do this.

Yu Tsai goes rushing to the side camera to tell us that Courtney may have the face of a high fashion mode, but she has the body of a cockroach. Fuck you, Yu Tsai, and fuck you, show, for letting that on the air. Again, the producers have repeatedly suggested that Courtney has an eating disorder. Exactly how is taking explicit time to mock her and comparing her to a cockroach supposed to affect her body image? And are we meant to laugh at that? Clearly Yu Tsai thinks he’s being charmingly hilarious. You can see it in his eyes: He’s definitely going to get to sit near the popular kids at lunch today!

For real, producers: There is a difference between crafting a dramatic arc and simply being shitballs. You might want to look into that.

Nyle throws himself upside-down and looks great. Devin agreeably says Nyle is turning into a model, dammit. Mikey is totally condescending about Nyle, because that is how he grinds away at people who threaten his smug self-containment.

Lacey says Nyle is sexy. Hmm. Bello says he just looks at Nyle’s blossoming superpowers and just thinks “Shit.” But he too says it in a wryly humerous way.

Justin sets up a house meeting because Mamé and Hadassah are fighting and he has had just about enough of it. Justin naively says that Mamé and Hadassah are more similar than they know, and he thinks they’ll get to like each other better once they realize that. That’s adorable Justin, but they hate each other because they are so similar.

Mamé says Hadassah yelled at her for no reason and came on too hard for no reason. Mamé. Come on. You came into the bathroom without knocking. Oh, dear. Ava hates all the fighting and says the models aren’t here for this. Apparently Ava has not seen earlier cycles of this show.

The other models agree that Hadassah shouldn’t have gotten so mad, but that Mamé should see Hadassah’s point. The only people who don’t agree are Hadassah and Mamé, who are both doing that tightly closed mouth face you see when someone wants to drop the discussion for now, but absolutely does not agree with the solution and will come roaring back into shouting mode the second the other person so much as closes a door too hard.


Hello, judges! So many prizes! Let’s look at some definitely not possessed and clearly ghosty photos! Let’s be clear: None of the contacts read. Not even once. It all comes down to the gauze and baby powder.

Lacey is very backbendy and looks fantastic.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Kelly loves the fluidity. Tyra says Lacey’s face is too present and on. Be possessed from H to T! OK, Tyra!

Kelly likes Justin’s picture, but Miss J. says his face is too much the same in every shoot. Tyra says Justin’s screaming shots looked like he was laughing, but this picture is beautiful.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Courtney looks evil and amazing. Kelly doesn’t love her snarl or the shortness of her legs. She also makes sure to call Courtney too thin. Tyra imitates horror movies in a way that will not be helpful to Courtney, but is a joy to the rest of us.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Hadassah looks beautiful, and oddly like she’s being lowered into a bath somehow.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

The judges love her profile. Hadassah cries. She’s shocked and relieved that she got something so good. Tyra admits that Hadassah’s film was bad, but this one shot nailed it. Mamé gives one of the best stinkfaces you’ve ever seen in your life.

Nyle won the challenge! And wow, does his shot look great! Everyone says he should always be that full of energy. Hell, yes.

Bello gets dicked over on this one. He looks so very possessed, but they’ve chosen a shot where he’s aimed butt-first at the camera.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

Tyra basically admits that he had a ton of film where he was trying cool stuff. So they just tanked his score with this hyuck-hyuck picture. I know part of the Top Model magic lies in how breathtakingly unfair it is sometimes, but if I were Bello, I’d be way more pissed. Kelly says Bello’s face looks like a dried apple and Miss J. imitates the butt-centric shot. Wow, who did Bello piss off this week? And how?

Ashley looks like she’s floating and is totally flat and in control. It’s extremely impressive, but she doesn’t look possessed. More like she’s a bad-ass witch who’s completely in control of her destiny. Which is better, but maybe not the point.

Mamé’s face looks great (I take it back; her contacts read in close-up) and one leg is on point. But the other one is missing, and so Mamé must be tutored on putting her leg to the side.

Devin looks like he’s diving. He has a good face, but his body doesn’t look possessed at all.

As Ava steps up, Tyra says her clothes make her look like a housewife, not a model. You’re the one who gave her the mullet, Tyra. Kelly calls her Billy Idols daughter at a shopping mall. I think Ava’s picture looks really cool – she looks like she’s scampering up the wall – but the judges don’t like it. Hmm.

Mikey looks meh. He knows he tanked it. I predict he’s going to do some insufferable douching around while he tries to get back his self-anointed alpha-male status.

Ava knows she had a bad challenge score. She’s worried. Also the judges and producers want her off because they know that Courtney will be alone again and be that much closer to a meltdown. Sleep well, producers!


There are 11 models, but only 10 photos.

Best Performance of the week: NYLE! Tyra calls him “Pimp Daddy” for no apparent reason whatsoever. She says he’s taking the advice and getting better and taking it to the next level. High ANTM praise indeed.

Runner up: Lacey – Ooh, and Lacey made Best Photo last week. She’s managing to not look awful on camera and rack up good scores. It’s a tricky game. Hang in there, Lacey!

Next we have:

Mamé (Tyra makes her practice long side legs. Tyra’s in a good mood today!)
Bello (Tyra calls him by showing him her butt.)

Courtney and Ava are left! Oh, no.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S22E06.The.Girl.Who.Gets.Possessed.480p.x264-mSD.mkv -

They are two beautiful models with great bones! But neither improving. (Really?) Tyra wonders if Courtney’s confidence is getting lower. GOSH, I WONDER WHY THAT WOULD HAPPEN, ASSHOLES. Tyra says Ava is not as great as her wounded warrior photo because they don’t really have a good reason to eliminate Ava.

So who stays? Courtney!

Aw, Ava, that’s too bad. With the exception of that one blow-up, you handled yourself well and you deserved better. This is such a set-up. They know that Courtney will lose her crackers without Ava.

Tyra tells Ava the judges were not inspired by her clothing. Such a good lesson, young people watching the show! Poor Ava. You stood up for yourself and they gave you a mullet. Ava only blames herself. You’re going to be OK, Ava. Remember that it’s not the winners who always do well after the show.

Next week:

Oh, hooray, it’ll be an acting day! They will be doing a “Shakespearian love scene,” so it may be worth just setting yourself up on the couch now and waiting. There’s a moment of Devin crashing across the stage that looks completely bananas.

Also, there’s another photo shoot in which Mikey and Mamé are instructed to make out. Are they trying to get Justin to straight-up murder him or what?

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