Autocross is pretty much exactly like Fast and Furious. Well ok. Maybe not exactly precisely perfectly entirely like Fast and Furious. It’s not so much this:

…as just one car at a time on the course, you know – for safety. And because you’re not actually Letty, Brian, Han, or Dom. In autocross instead of racing against other cars on the track, you race alone against the clock on a defined track that lets you flex more skills than just left turns.

And, fine, autocross course driving, particularly the sort you acquire by way of a deal on LivingSocial, doesn’t exactly come with the same kind of Fast and Furious audience or pre-race activities:


At autocross course driving you just sit on some concrete barriers waiting in a queue according to the time written on your paper wristband, watching each participant do their 3 laps around the course until finally (FINALLY!) it’s your turn behind the wheel.

And your jump off the starting line won’t be exactly like this:


It’s more like you just sitting behind the wheel waiting until the other guy finishes his 3 laps, and your instructor says “ok let’s go.”

Oh and your driving companion won’t exactly be either of these guys:


It’s just you and your instructor who, to his credit, is actually coaching you through each of your laps to “OK GUN IT!” (which yours truly had zero problems complying with).

And the autocross newbie driving course isn’t exactly on par with Fast and Furious


In this case it’s just a closed, flat-ish, cone-delineated, cement track that you get to take a few laps around – but to its credit it does have more maneuvers and curves than a NASCAR track.

As part of the autocross course driving event you DO get to drive cars like Ferrari F430s and Lamborghini Gallardos:


So while autocross isn’t exactly Fast and Furious, it’s as close as you’re going to get outside of your own personal fever dreams and it’s just enough of a helluva lot of fun to make you want more. And it’s controlled enough that unless you’re a total twit you won’t wreck yourself, the car, or anyone else in the process.

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