This week, we saw Final Five rapidly shrink to Final Three. The best blindside of the season finished off a strong competitor, while another vote sent a fan favorite packing.

Here’s how all the houseguests fared this week. Let the zings begin!

Best Blindside: Austin

Out of the final five houseguests, Austin was clearly the biggest threat to Vanessa, physically and socially. But throughout the summer, he’s also been one of her allies (at least most of the time). Which made his surprise eviction all the sweeter. I don’t know how Austin could have expected to make it off the Block and into the Final Four as part of a showmance, but clearly that’s exactly what he thought would happen. Instead, “Judas got Judas-ed.”

Austin’s bitter argument with Shelli once he got to Jury made Vanessa’s move even sweeter. Clearly, this guy is gonna hold some grudges:

Julie Chen just revealed that during the taped eviction, Austin almost refused to leave and tried to get Vanessa to undo her vote. #BB17

— BigBrotherLeak (@BigBrotherLeak) September 17, 2015

Farewell, Sweet Prince: Johnny Mac

As fun as the first eviction of the week was, Wednesday’s winnowing from Final Four to Final Three brought the party to a crashing halt. Sure, Johnny’s not a strategic beast like Vanessa, but he was the most entertaining and lovable player the house had left. With him gone, we’re stuck with three pretty boring competitors in the final week of the game.

For those arguing that JMac deserved to go home for failing to win any HOHs this season, I’d argue that 1.) He’s won more comps, overall, than Liz or Steve; 2.) It’s pretty impressive that he managed to get to Final Four without ever holding power; 3.) He finished the HOH comp before Steve last week, but decided to let Steve have the win for strategic reasons, so I’m technically counting that as like three-quarters of a win; and 4.) SHUT UP Johnny Mac deserves EVERYTHING.

What Are You Still Doing Here?: Liz

Like the blandest of oatmeal that hardens and sticks to the bottom of the bowl and cannot be removed, Liz has stuck in this game for nearly 100 days. She is boring, and she is still here. Only Austin’s benevolence/gross attraction allowed her to make it this far, which is a shame, because if he’d been playing for himself this whole time, Liz might be in Jury, and her more watchable boyfriend might have made Final Three instead.

Obvious Second Place: Steve

Ya done good, kid, but let’s be real. Vanessa is basically a lock to win this season. She’ll probably take Steve to the finale, because she sees him as less of a threat than Liz (who has two guaranteed votes in Jury). Still, $50K isn’t a bad wage for three months of playing games and sitting around talking smack. Way to go, Steve-o.

Bow Down: Vanessa


According to Austin, Vanessa’s game was “flawed.” But he’s sitting in Jury, and she’s well on her way to 500 grand, so he might not be the best judge of gameplay. From where I’m sitting, Vanessa dominated Big Brother all summer. Even if her tears, paranoia, and ever-increasing victim complex made her an unlikable houseguest, no one can deny how hard she’s fought. Girl deserves the win and, unless some bizarre, unforeseen circumstance happens in the final week, she’s gonna get it.

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