This week’s playlist is inspired by two events: Raekwon and Ghostface Killah rolling through Nashville to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, and a new series in town called The Set that’s opening tonight with four hours of classic rap and free pizza. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh, and I bought a car this week. I needed a new playlist to blast in my Prius. That’s three things.

Hannibal Buress did Over/Under recently and voiced his opinion on a few things. His rendition of “Lifestyle” made me a little sad while I was laughing uproariously, because when I saw him in April he invited the entire audience to his DJ set later that night, and I didn’t go.

All right, so this Drake vs. Meek Mill beef has spun out of control to the point where it needs a timeline. It even spawned other beefs such as Safaree vs. Nicki Minaj, Charlamagne tha God vs. Funkmaster Flex, and People Who Still Care About New York Rap Radio vs. Everyone Else in the World. These are all Terrible Beefs and everyone should be ashamed of themselves. Everyone except Drake, I guess, whose babysoft ass I would never have chosen to win a diss war, but I gotta give him credit.

Angel Haze dropped a new song called “Impossible”, and it smokes as much as you thought it might.

The past is the present, eternally. A recent example comes our way courtesy of MUNA, who are the type of band to nail a retro sound without boring me to death. Even the artwork screams 1983.

Hubbs, whose work on Basement Ghost is so rad I bought the shirt, is back with another mixtape. Modern Vintage III continues his run of excellence.

Finally, and stupidly, Tyler the Creator (someone whose work and Twitter presence has never shied away from the truly revolting shtick he built his career on) called out Coralie Alison on Twitter for daring to write to the Australian government in an attempt to educate them about the type of person they would potentially be letting into their country. Of course, Alison is still getting harassed and threatened on Twitter by Tyler’s army of nonsense, and if Tyler is truly banned from Australia, the abuse will likely continue for a long time.

I know I said finally, but I didn’t want to end on such a depressing note, so here’s some Earth, Wind & Fire.

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