I was reminded this week about how “Shit Talker” is my favorite David Bazan song, and how it perfectly captures the bitter taste of hypocrisy in social circles. He’s at his absolute best when he’s calling people out and issuing takedowns (see “Selling Advertising”, my second favorite David Bazan song).

Check out the video to Earl Sweatshirt’s “Off Top”, from this year’s unfortunately underpromoted I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside.

It’s been a busy week for Lupe Fiasco.

He dropped a new single “Law”, and stepped up to answer Yasiin Bey’s battle challenge in the wake of Meek Mill vs. Drake (which is over, praise Yeezus). That didn’t stop anyone from analyzing Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics on Compton…so can we talk about that record? It’s garbage.

Mac Miller released a new song featuring vocals from Sean Price, who passed away this week.

It’s a solid jam, with the added bonus of a link to a fundraiser to help support his family.

In other beef news, Popa Wu went at Action Bronson with some words about Action’s recent trouble with Ghostface Killah. Unfortunately, it went down at Sean Price’s funeral, which doesn’t seem to be the best place to air a grievance. The rap internet was ablaze for a while until Ghostface said he wasn’t involved. That seems to be the end of it, although a rap beef without bars is pretty boring.

Beach House didn’t know how to choose a single from their upcoming record Depression Cherry, so they built a matchmaking app on their website that asks for your three favorite songs of theirs and suggests a track “based loosely on what we consider to be musical similarities”. Fun stuff.

Kisses released a smooth number out of nowhere called “Control” and announced a release date for Rest In Paradise, out 10/9. It’s subdued with a little edge to it. A good soundtrack for a cool night out.

Finally, here’s three hours of Luther Vandross slow jams. Just because.

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