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  • NAIROBI, July 21 (Reuters) – The following company announcements, scheduled economic indicators, debt and currency market moves and political events may affect African markets on Friday. – – – – – GLOBAL MARKETS The euro held near two-year highs against the dollar on Friday after the head of the European Central Bank said tapering of […]
  • YAOUNDE, July 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Whether it is organising neighbourhood vigilante groups, sending vital updates or helping those who have been forced to flee their homes, local communities in Nigeria play a crucial role in the fight against Boko Haram. Source:
  • “Best friends with the thing that’s killing me / Enemies with my best friend, there’s no healing me.” — Macklemore Yesterday, I listened to Robin Young, host of National Public Radio’s (NPR) Here and Now radio show, interview Eilene Zimmerman, who recently penned an article on drug use in the legal profession, and the death […]
  • Guide to economic indicators ———————————————————– This Diary is filed daily. ** Indicates new events ———————————————————– Source:
  • Is there such a thing as age discrimination in the World of the Future – the tech industry? Source:
  • * Mining the 2017 Nordstorm Anniversary Sale for the perfect work — or interview — shoes. [Corporette] * What would a TV show based on Biglaw look like? Lots of yelling, some tears, general terror. [Law and More] * Legally speaking — what is snortable chocolate? [LawSci Forum] * Louis Vuitton wants to go to […]
  • * HY ended June 2017 profit before tax of 483.5 million naira versus 651.4 million naira year ago Source:
  • LONDON, July 20 (Reuters) – More Nigerian loading plans emerged for September, with most showing a decline on-the-month, while Angolan cargoes began trading relatively quickly, industry sources said on Thursday. Source:
  • LAGOS, July 20 (Reuters) – A Nigerian court has ordered seven local banks to transfer a combined $793 million to the government immediately, and a government lawyer said on Thursday the lenders had withheld money collected on behalf of the state. Source:
  • The petitions of the day are: Hernandez v. Crespo 16-1458 Issue: Whether the Federal Arbitration Act pre-empts a state law that dictates onerous terms and conditions which must be included in private arbitration agreements between physicians and patients, and invalidates all agreements that do not contain those terms and conditions. Arizona v. Martinez 16-1489 Issues: […]
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