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  • We couldn’t pay our taxes without the help of this (excellent and growing) roster of sponsors. Source:
  • Going to happy hour after work does not have even remotely the same impact, on a personal or a societal level, as Mommy Dear going home to take care of her child. Why keep fighting her on this issue? Source:
  • A judge delays sentencing in an environmental case. But not before quoting a Golden Oldie. Source:
  • Confined terrorist suspect was just trying to get some fly women out of their religious coverings… Source:
  • As part of our expanded coverage of this month’s oral arguments in the challenges to state bans on same-sex marriage, we are pleased to present this post by Michael Klarman on the history of the same-sex marriage movement and, more broadly, on how constitutional law evolves in the United States. Two years ago, the Supreme […]
  • Overuse of unlawful fishing methods and poaching have caused Ghana’s fish stock to decline rapidly resulting in the West African country losing $100 million each year. Source:
  • Egypt has signed preliminary deals with Kuwait’s Alghanim International for two energy-related projects worth a total of $1.6 billion, its prime minister said in a statement on Wednesday. Source:
  • Zimbabwe’s central bank says $3 billion is circulating in the informal sector as the country’s formal economy continues to shrink. Source:
  • ABUJA, April 15 (Reuters) – Oil firms keen to know how Nigeria’s president elect Muhammadu Buhari plans to tax them could be waiting a long time as he makes ending corruption and reforming the opaque national oil company his most urgent sector priorities. Source:
  • Commentary continues on the challenges to state bans on same-sex marriage, in which the oral arguments are now less than two weeks away. Writing for this blog, Lyle Denniston continues his series previewing the oral arguments with a post on the amicus briefs filed in support of the challengers. Writing for The Economist’s Democracy in […]