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  • LAGOS, Feb 27 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s currency suffered its biggest monthly fall in over five years this February, dealers said, citing concerns over political uncertainty and the central bank’s ability to manage a currency hammered by weak oil prices. Source:
  • Whether deservedly or not, an opinion by Ninth Circuit Judge Stephen Reinhardt granting habeas relief to a state prisoner notwithstanding the deferential approach mandated by the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 (AEDPA) is often fodder for terse – if not summary – reversals by the Supreme Court. But Davis v. Ayala, which […]
  • NAIROBI, Feb 27 (Reuters) – The following company announcements, scheduled economic indicators, debt and currency market moves and political events may affect African markets on Friday. – – – – – EVENTS: * ANGOLA – Foreign reserves data to be announced * ANGOLA – Central bank due to announce key interest rate decision * NIGERIA […]
  • The petition of the day is: Hawkins v. Community Bank of Raymore 14-520Issue: (1) Whether “primarily and unconditionally liable” spousal guarantors are unambiguously excluded from being Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) “applicants” because they are not integrally part of “any aspect of a credit transaction”; and (2) whether the Federal Reserve Board has authority under […]
  • Who wants to write the ATL cease-and-desist letter to CNN? Source:
  • * The FCC declares net neutrality. Now an explanation of what that really means. [Gizmodo] * Today in “delightful things police departments do,” we have the tale of a woman held in a black site by Chicago police for 18 hours before being allowed to contact a lawyer. That’s the Chicago way. [The Guardian] * […]
  • Why have a bar exam if it is going to be more of what law school is supposed to test and does not test something important to the state giving the test? Source:
  • It looked bleak for petitioner Baker Botts from the earliest moments of the argument yesterday in Baker Botts L.L.P. v. ASARCO LLC. The issue in the case is whether the fees that a law firm (Baker Botts) spends defending a fee application in bankruptcy can be compensated out of the estate, and the Justices who […]
  • Columnist Keith Lee wants to know: if you’re going to steal someone’s intellectual property, why on earth would you steal from LAWYERS? Source:
  • There has to be a better way to do legal research, right? Source: