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  • Nov 14 (Reuters) – Indonesia’s capital market regulator has signed an agreement with the country’s national sharia board to strengthen oversight of the Islamic finance industry, supporting a centralised approach being favoured elsewhere around the globe. Source:
  • The Obama administration on Wednesday told a federal appeals court now reviewing the scope of subsidies to help people buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act that it will soon ask that the case be put on hold while the Supreme Court reviews the same controversy. The plan came in the form of a […]
  • Justice Clarence Thomas, joined by Justice Antonin Scalia, gave a strong hint on Wednesday afternoon that they probably had cast votes to grant review of same-sex marriage cases in recent weeks, but could not persuade enough of their colleagues to do so. In a separate opinion they issued in a case having nothing to do […]
  • This is an interesting way to advertise. Source:
  • * The 25 most influential people in legal education. [TaxProf Blog] * Shell preemptively suing environmental groups over its Arctic drilling program. Nothing says, “we’re on the up and up” like hyperactive declaratory judgment motions. [Breaking Energy] * I’m not normally in the “America is overlitigious” camp, but the idea that we’re scaling back corn […]
  • I’m a Midwesterner, which means that I’ve never given serious thought to what goes into mayonnaise because my people use Miracle Whip and pretend it is mayo. (I only learned this was an unforgivable sin when I went to college.) But apparently mayo ingredients are a Big Fucking Deal and have been defined by the […]
  • Projects Abroad is looking for 1Ls to volunteer for a law & human rights internship in Cape Town, South Africa, this coming summer. Source:
  • Having a fully developed EQ is approaching the level of an essential skill for today’s new lawyer. Source:
  • * Payments to Kurdish civil servants, oil exports for Baghdad Source:
  • Which law school sanctioned this lunacy? Source: