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  • When you make individuals means to your ends only, you become a farce, if not also a fraud. Source:
  • Analysis The Supreme Court’s recent forays into the Constitution as it applies to expression in the digital age have given the Justices a real-world awareness that, in addition to producing cultural and social gains, electronic devices can sometimes enable crime. Proceeding with some caution, the Court has given prosecutors some constitutional guidance, but it also […]
  • CONAKRY, Aug 14 (Reuters) – Guinea has declared a public health emergency over an Ebola epidemic that has killed more than 1,000 people in three West African states and is sending health workers to all affected border points, a government official said. Source:
  • Pretty decently, as it turns out! Source:
  • For much of eDiscovery’s short history, the primary sales and marketing model has been to push FUD—hard. What’s FUD? It’s Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. Source:
  • Do these institutions epitomize the law school scam? A law professor says yes. Source:
  • WASHINGTON, Aug 14 (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama spoke about the Ebola virus outbreak with the presidents of Liberia and Sierra Leone on Thursday, the White House said. Source:
  • LONDON, Aug 13 (Reuters) – Nigerian differentials held steady on Thursday in slow trade as remaining September loading cargoes were slow to be mopped up by European refiners. Traders said close to 15 cargoes remained available for the Bonny Light, Qua Iboe, Akpo, Brass River, Antan, Erha, Escravos and several cargoes of Forcados. An end-September […]
  • On September 1, the Court will put into place a new staffing structure for the Clerk’s office. With the retirement of Chris Vasil as chief deputy clerk, that position will be abolished. Instead, the Court will have four deputy clerks — one for case management, one for practice and procedure, one for administration, and one […]
  • Briefly: In the wake of recent comments by President Obama to Democratic donors about the possibility of additional appointments to the Supreme Court, Sahil Kapur of Talking Points Memo discusses the prospect that, if all of the Justices remain on the Court through the end of the president’s second term, “the 2016 presidential election could […]