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  • Sometimes staying on trend in the fashion world can give others the wrong idea. Source:
  • LONDON, Aug 12 (Reuters) – Nigerian prices edged lower on Tuesday to entice European refiners to mop up remaining September-loading cargoes, while traders awaited results of Indian tenders. “Everything seems to be clearing, slowly but surely,” one trader said. Several traders said a September-loading Nigerian Agbami changed hands, though price details were slow to emerge […]
  • When it comes to shopping for your law school needs, ATL has you covered. Source:
  • * Ebola not air or water borne like urban epidemic diseases Source:
  • Petitioning activists urge Ghana’s president, John Mahama, to take control of his cabinet. … Source:
  • President Zuma’s tough-talking housing minister speaks to The Africa Report about the rise of women in politics in South Africa, the housing crisis in the mining sector and the government’s drive for social cohesion. … Source:
  • SGBCI, Côte d’Ivoire’s largest bank has attributed its fall in revenue to prudence over sub-prime loans, but it must square up to the advancing competition. … Source:
  • NAIROBI, Aug 12 (Reuters) – The following company announcements, scheduled economic indicators, debt and currency market moves and political events may affect African markets on Tuesday. – – – – – EVENTS: KENYA – Barclays Bank of Kenya due to release 2014 half year pretax profit. ANGOLA – July inflation data due out soon. Angola’s […]
  • LONDON, Aug 11 (Reuters) – After a month on the front line battling Ebola in a hospital in Sierra Leone, the memories that both haunt and inspire British doctor Tim O’Dempsey are of the children. Source:
  • The petition of the day is: Runyon v. United States 13-254 Issue: (1) Whether, in order to demonstrate that evidentiary errors in a capital sentencing proceeding were harmless, the government must establish that the errors did not affect the verdict of the jury that actually heard the case or whether the government may instead meet […]