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  • LONDON, Aug 17 (Reuters) – Loading programmes for Nigeria’s largest streams emerged on Friday but an overhang of some 30 cargoes persisted, while traders waited for allocations following the final Angolan programme. Source:
  • This week we highlight cert petitions pending before the Supreme Court that address the scope of Title VII’s prohibition on discrimination “because of … sex” with regard to transgender individuals, the attachment of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel in the context of plea negotiations, and the constitutional consequences of waiving a state-law right to […]
  • LAGOS, Aug 17 (Reuters) – A Nigerian court on Friday released a journalist on bail after he was arrested following the publication of an article that cited a confidential letter from the chief of police, the reporter’s newspaper said. Source:
  • LAGOS, Aug 17 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s central bank asked lenders on Friday to submit bids for the Chinese yuan, traders said, in its second auction of the currency after it agreed a swap with the People’s Bank of China in May. Source:
  • At CNN, Lauren Fox and others report that “Senate Democrats are threatening to sue for documents related to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s record, the latest escalation in a partisan battle over the court.” Burgess Everett reports at Politico that “[t]he potential lawsuit would come right as Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings begin in early September.” Additional […]
  • Five African start-ups going places Source:
  • The leader of South Africa’s far-left Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, has introduced a bill to nationalise the central bank, parliament said late on Thursday. Source:
  • George And Kellyanne Conway Take Swipes At One Another Via The Washington Post: Up close and personal with the D.C. power couple. The Biglaw Rich Are Getting Richer: Demand for their services is up. You Can Turn Down A Job Offer: Advice on the best way to handle the potentially awkward situation. Raises Are Coming […]
  • The White House only has a few objections to this year’s NDAA, and lets Congress know what they are as the Senate gears up for debate. Source:
  • That’s a really good GPA. Source: