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  • UNITED NATIONS, Sept 18 (Reuters) – The United Nations will create a special mission to combat Ebola, deploying staff in the worst-affected states – Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone – to push a “rapid and massive mobilization” of people, material and financial resources. Source:
  • LAGOS, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Torture is so common in Nigeria’s police force that many police stations have a designated officer to carry out atrocities such as pulling teeth, choking, raping and delivering electric shocks to detainees, Amnesty International said on Thursday. Source:
  • Now, some naysayers would suggest that a 1L a few days into their law school career has no place calling out the work of those who’ve come before as irrelevant and untrue. Ignore those voices. Source:
  • LONDON, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Offers for cargoes of Angolan crude oil for November export were firmer than those for October, supported by lower supply. A provisional shipping list seen by Reuters on Thursday indicated that Angola will export 1.53 million barrels per day in November, the lowest figure since April, due to maintenance on […]
  • By day, Sequestor is a mild-mannered municipal bond lawyer based in Cleveland. When Twitter or the archvillain Ex Parte threaten to infiltrate a sequestered jury and wreakhavoc on justice or a DUI verdict, Sequestor is there. Along with his sidekick Bailiff Boy, Sequestor eliminates all forms of communications and can microherd jurors into the dreaded […]
  • Thousands of South Sudanese living in Uganda heaved a sigh of relief following their country’s decision to rescind a move to deport all foreign workers in Africa’s newest independent state. … Source:
  • Hassan Bashir, Founder of Takaful Insurance of Africa, says the Kenya-based company’s products can bring possibilities to many and are not exclusively for people of the Muslim faith. … Source:
  • Every lawyer has the type of client who is unreasonably demanding, annoyingly stupid, or practically worthless—and likely all three. The sooner you recognize you have one of these clients from hell the better. Because if you at least recognize that the client is the problem (isn’t that always true?), you can try to isolate the […]
  • * Government launches aggressive measures against disease Source:
  • NAIROBI, Sept 18 (Reuters) – The following company announcements, scheduled economic indicators, debt and currency market moves and political events may affect African markets on Thursday. – – – – – EVENTS: KENYA – The Central Bank of Kenya auctions 91-day treasury bills worth 3 billion shillings ($33.63 million). GLOBAL MARKETS Japanese shares jumped on […]