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  • By Maureen Johnston The petition of the day is: Crews v. Farina 13-1227 Issue: Whether a habeas court may evade the highly deferential standard of review in the habeas statute by characterizing its legal and policy differences with the state court as unreasonable factual determinations and grant the writ on the basis of ineffectiveness of […]
  • By Lyle Denniston Lawyers for two same-sex couples in Utah who wish to marry and a married same-sex Utah couple seeking to have the state recognize their marriage in Iowa will be filing papers in the Supreme Court urging review of the new appeal by state officials in the case of Herbert v. Kitchen. The […]
  • By Tamara Tabo What types of election crimes do voter ID laws prevent, and what burdens and harms do they cause? …read more Source: abovethelaw
  • By Kevin O’Keefe As part of a drug trafficking investigation the US government persuaded a Court to issue a warrant that “purports to authorize the Government to search any and all of Microsoft’s facilities worldwide” according to Microsoft’s opposition brief filed on June 6, 2014 in the US District Court for the Southern District of […]
  • By Joe Patrice * The new icon of the Islamic State is a hipster with a law degree. Where’s his Career Alternatives piece? (Alternate quips: For his money, the evening call to prayer must be on vinyl. When decrying alcohol as sinful, he prefers PBR. The scimitar in that picture is from the vintage store. […]
  • By Michael Simon Why learn legal tech? So many reasons. The best? Annoy us old farts …read more Source: abovethelaw
  • By Lateral Link Unsure whether you will make partner? Here are four tips to help you steer your career… …read more Source: abovethelaw
  • By Fabrizio di Piazza What a non-lawyer brings to a political advocacy that sees litigation – especially Supreme Court cases – as the linchpin; the importance of race and religion and what growing up in a Jewish household in Texas means to a passion for civil rights; and seeking to change Section 5 of the […]
  • By Amy Howe Coverage of the Court once again focused on the issue of same-sex marriage – and in particular, which case the Court might review on the merits and when. As Lyle reported for this blog on Tuesday, officials in Utah filed a petition asking the Court to weigh in and uphold that state’s […]
  • By Maureen Johnston The petition of the day is: Pronova BioPharma Norge AS v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. 13-1251 Issue: Whether the statutory bar for “public use” of an invention under 35 U.S.C. § 102(b) (2006) (pre-America Invents Act) (current version at 35 U.S.C. § 102(a)(1)(2012)) broadly bars a patent when an innovator company allows […]