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  • Arguing that Virginia has gone further than most states to deny same-sex couples a chance to marry and the benefits of marriage, the state’s top legal officials urged the Supreme Court on Friday to take their case as “an excellent vehicle to resolve the controversy.” Those officials support marriage for gays and lesbians, but are […]
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  • Reading the political and legal landscapes; what it means when John Lewis and Newt Gingrich are on the same side on voting rights; reading Supreme Court cases for their signals; an expanding litigation portfolio; and the importance of the NAACP’s advocacy model in building Supreme Court cases. In this five-part interview, Edward Blum – Visiting […]
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  • Rich in sights, sounds and tastes, the traditional Homowo harvest festival provides an insight into Ga culture, in Ghana. … Source:
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  • * When it comes to all of the same-sex marriage cases that are currently before the Sixth Circuit, the deciding vote could be cast by Judge Jeffrey Sutton, a Republican appointee. [National Law Journal] * Weil Gotshal snagged a partner from right under one of its largest competitor’s noses. Ray Shrock, formerly of Kirkland & […]
  • By Maureen Johnston The petition of the day is: Crews v. Farina 13-1227 Issue: Whether a habeas court may evade the highly deferential standard of review in the habeas statute by characterizing its legal and policy differences with the state court as unreasonable factual determinations and grant the writ on the basis of ineffectiveness of […]
  • By Lyle Denniston Lawyers for two same-sex couples in Utah who wish to marry and a married same-sex Utah couple seeking to have the state recognize their marriage in Iowa will be filing papers in the Supreme Court urging review of the new appeal by state officials in the case of Herbert v. Kitchen. The […]
  • By Tamara Tabo What types of election crimes do voter ID laws prevent, and what burdens and harms do they cause? …read more Source: abovethelaw