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  • An end is in sight to the grinding conflict over President Kabila’s overstaying in power. Elections are planned for December and national and international forces are putting pressure on Kabila to help the country start a new page. The Africa Report asks who stands to lose? Source:
  • In a podcast at Howe on the Court, Amy Howe “look[s] back at some of the events of the week of November 5 at the Supreme Court, including the first opinion of the term, the formal investiture of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and the announcement that 85-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had broken three ribs in […]
  • MTN Group will apply for a mobile banking license in Nigeria and launch a service there next year, its CEO said on Tuesday, further embedding the South African telecoms company in its biggest but increasingly problematic market. Source:
  • LAW PROFESSOR WHO USED THE N-WORD IN CLASS ALLEGEDLY USED IN OFFICE HOURS: Does this guy have to lynch a brother to get fired? OPEN LETTER TO JUSTICE GINSBURG’S CLERKS: Y’all have one job and you’re slipping. WIDOW BLAMES HUSBAND’S SUICIDE ON BIGLAW CULTURE: This story is just hard to read. CNN MIGHT SUE TRUMP: […]
  • Make sure that you don’t get hung up on tasks that don’t serve your bar exam goals and to keep your eye on the prize. Source:
  • Using The Constanza Method and faking a good work ethic won’t get you very far as a lawyer, no matter where you work. Source:
  • ABUJA, Nov 12 (Reuters) – The management of Nigerian failed lender Skye Bank contributed to the collapse of the mid-tier bank, the country’s deposit insurance agency said on Monday. Source:
  • ABUJA, Nov 12 (Reuters) – Nigeria’s telecoms regulator has cleared Teleology’s takeover of 9mobile, the country’s fourth biggest operator, ending a long bidding process for the debt-laden company that started a year ago, Teleology said on Monday. Source:
  • This is not the way to conduct yourself in the public spotlight. Source:
  • Reasonable minds can (and do) disagree on the president’s ‘Sanctions are Coming’ meme, but it’s not ‘trademark misuse.’ Source:
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