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  • With a three-justice plurality opinion, a two-justice concurrence in the judgment and two dissents, Washington State Department of Licensing v. Cougar Den appears unusually fractured at first glance. But the disagreements among seven of the justices are relatively small, turning largely on whether and why Washington’s motor-fuel tax really burdens the Yakama treaty right to […]
  • Today will bring an intense hour of argument about race in jury selection in the case of a Mississippi man who has been tried six times by the same prosecutor, which will culminate in a series of short questions by Justice Clarence Thomas, his first during oral argument in three years. But first, there are […]
  • The Powerball jackpot is currently at $550 million. You’re going to need a lawyer if you win. Source:
  • Through a grant to the Indiana Legal Services, Anthem has expanded access to free legal services to all Medicaid patients in 18 counties in Central Indiana to assist with housing, employment, and child support issues. Source:
  • The transcript of this morning’s oral argument in Flowers v. Mississippi is available on the Supreme Court’s website. The post Argument transcript appeared first on SCOTUSblog. Source:
  • Kids who might have gone to elite undergrad institutions and would have had a chance at law school may be overlooked in the law school application process. Source:
  • Although Supreme Court justices’ votes are not purely the product of ideological preferences, some of the most important cases the justices decide come down to 5-4 splits along ideological lines. This was especially apparent during the 2017 Supreme Court term. Even though Chief Justice John Roberts was in the conservative camp for many of these […]
  • LONDON, March 20 (Reuters) – Angolan state oil company Sonangol has finalised its term sales of May-loading crude cargoes, traders said on Wednesday, days after the loading programme was released. Source:
  • Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post ran on January 28, 2019, as an introduction to this blog’s symposium on Kisor v. Wilkie, as well as at Howe on the Court, where it was originally published. Next week the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Kisor v. Wilkie, which arises from a dispute […]
  • TRIPOLI, March 20 (Reuters) – The United Nations will hold a conference inside Libya in April to discuss elections as way out of the country’s eight-year-old conflict, a U.N. envoy said on Wednesday, although it remains to be seen whether powerful factions will attend. Source:
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