Did you know they made a fifth Tremors movie? Neither did we. In fact, we can’t believe they made more than one. Sadly, Kevin Bacon is not back, but it does star perennial Tremors favorite, Michael Gross, along with Jamie Kennedy, of Scream and “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment” fame. To quote Matt Donato at We’ve Got This Covered, “It’s a sad day when the addition of Jamie Kennedy can’t save a beloved franchise (he says sarcastically), but Tremors 5: Bloodlines is as ill-advised as they come.” Ouch!

Apparently the original worms have evolved from Graboids to Shriekers to Ass-Blasters (yes, that is the actual name) so who knows what we’re in for this evening. We’d feel better about the chances of this being the end of the Tremors franchise if it had “last” or “final” in the title, but bloodlines suggests a whole new generation of awesome terrible, so we’re sure Tremors 6: Why God Why? is in the works. Speaking of final, this is our last Cinéma Atroce for a while. We’re going on a short hiatus, but we’ll be back…in the future. Thank you for joining us!

Showtime is tonight, 9pm Central. Make yourself a cocktail, find a comfy spot on the couch, tune in to Tremors 5: Bloodlines on Netflix, and pull up the livechat starting at 9pm CDT.

Jump right down to the livechat.

Tonight’s Movie

Tonight’s Host Bloggers

Bomb Voyage and Bomberella as The Bomb Squad: Dismantling bad movies one live-chat at a time.

Tonight’s Cocktail

We were tempted to just do a bottle of tequila (because, worm) but we found this instead, which seemed like a nice sweet farewell-for-now cocktail, like bidding adieu to summer:

The Crazy Worm

1 1/2 oz vodka
2 oz sweet sour
1 oz pineapple juice
splash of grenadine
Gummy worms

Combine in a highball glass and garnish with the gummy worms.

Tonight’s Livechat

Bomb_Voyage: Okay, n00bs, here’s how this works. Shortly after 9pm Central, @Bomberella will give the ol’ ready-set-go. When she says “go” or “push play” or something similar, start the video!

Bomberella: Word.

Bomberella: Or should I say, Worm?

Bomb_Voyage: So I’ve never seen any of the previous Tremors movies. I gather they’re basically sand worms, right, on holiday from Arrakis?

Bomberella: Something like that. I haven’t seen any of them either. All I know is Kevin Bacon’s in the first one.

Bomberella: Yay! @TheQueenOfMpls is here!

TheQueenOfMpls: Hey Y’all!

Bomb_Voyage: Hay!

TheQueenOfMpls: Revving the Netflix as we type!

Bomberella: Me too!

Bomberella: Also, I don’t really do a t-shirt of the evening, but if I did, this would be tonight’s:

Bomberella: [image]

Bomb_Voyage: LOL

Bomberella: Okay, is everyone queued up?

TheQueenOfMpls: Watching the Universal Tag line.

Bomb_Voyage: I’m ready!

Bomberella: PUSH PLAY!

TheQueenOfMpls: Oh, shaky fancy camera work!

Bomberella: Gross.

Bomberella: I mean, Michael Gross.

TheQueenOfMpls: Does anyone remember the first one? It was so good. Also, Kevin Bacon

Bomb_Voyage: Graboids?

Bomberella: Is he supposed to have a southern accent?

TheQueenOfMpls: WTF is the a shrieker? That wasn’t in the first one!

Bomberella: @TheQueenOfMpls, neither @Bomb_Voyage nor I have seen any of them.

Bomb_Voyage: Okay, this is a pretty good parody of Man vs. Wild, though.

Bomberella: Shriekers came out in the second or third one, and Ass Blasters came out in the fourth one, I think.

TheQueenOfMpls: rigghhhhtttttt. stepping on a rattle snake like that kills it…

Bomberella: Does anyone else feel like Michael Gross is wearing a Groucho Marx mask, minus the glasses?

Bomb_Voyage: Totally.

TheQueenOfMpls: I didn’t even know they make 2-4 of Tremors. I still have a great affection for the first one.

Bomberella: Yeah, I think most people are with you. Nostalgia for the first one, surprise that they made 2-4.

Bomb_Voyage: “I wonder if my wife is going to come back to me.”

TheQueenOfMpls: Dammit! He didn’t die. I must wait patiently.

Bomb_Voyage: “She’s got brains. Definitely not.”

Bomb_Voyage: Ha!

Bomberella: Michael Gross also kind of looks like a local mascot from my childhood, Rocky Rococo.

Bomberella: [image]

Bomberella: Now I want Rocky’s pizza.

TheQueenOfMpls: @Bomberella I loved Rocky Rococo! So good!

Bomberella: Me too!

Bomberella: I’m so sad they closed.

Bomberella: There’s still one in Eau Claire, though. Pretty much every time I go home I have it.

Bomb_Voyage: Did he just pull out a sword?

Bomberella: I hope so!

Bomb_Voyage: Is that standard-issue African bush gear?

TheQueenOfMpls: oof. they’re dead.

Bomb_Voyage: Maybe he’ll aim it at the graboids.

TheQueenOfMpls: There’s no blood on that hand?!?!?

Bomberella: He’s making a “three” with his fingers, as in they should have stopped after the third.

TheQueenOfMpls: @Bomberella The one in Ames, IA, closed.

Bomberella: ^Sad!

Bomberella: The one in downtown Mpls did, too.

TheQueenOfMpls: Jamie Kennedy!!!!

Bomberella: I’m so glad we had a gratuitous shot of Jamie Kennedy peeing.

TheQueenOfMpls: It makes my life whole.

Bomb_Voyage: Guess what I don’t believe Jamie Kennedy can ride a dirt bike that well.

TheQueenOfMpls: Even the opening credits look cheap.

Bomberella: If he can, he should quit acting. He’s certainly better at dirt biking.

TheQueenOfMpls: Ba-DAP Chink!

Bomb_Voyage: I like the idea of improvising a clay oven in the wild.

Bomb_Voyage: I’m going to try that the next time I go camping.

Bomberella: Me too. I am also going to hunt down some Burt Gummer’s Bullseye Cactus Juice.

TheQueenOfMpls: They’re wearing an awful lot clothes for 117 degress F.

Bomberella: So true.

Bomb_Voyage: “This is called a digital file …”

Bomb_Voyage: Very high tech.

Bomberella: “Actually, Travis, it’s called a flash drive.”

Bomberella: “I don’t need fixin'”
“What I choose to do with my cranium is none of your business.” This is the type of dialogue we’re working with.

TheQueenOfMpls: Dirty things in Florida… what happen in Florida, stays in Florida. Unless caught on camera, then posted on the internet, then memed.


Bomberella: “I get it, free love, it was the seventies.” Do you think Travis will turn out to be Burt Gummer’s illegitimate son?

TheQueenOfMpls: I hope so!

Bomberella: Me too!

Bomberella: Also, I feel like Ass Blaster is what your roommate would “affectionately” call you if you ate rattlesnake covered with Burt Gummer’s Bullseye Cactus Juice, no?

TheQueenOfMpls: paper, hmm. Michael Gross, I was also equally clueless!

Bomberella: “A flying carnivore that shoots flame out of its ass”

Bomberella: (Failed circus attractions)

TheQueenOfMpls: Assblaster sounds like a failed colon cleanser.

Bomberella: LOL

Bomberella: Or a fitness video

Bomb_Voyage: Or just a really bad case of diarrhea.

TheQueenOfMpls: Asses are in, though.

TheQueenOfMpls: That chopper has choppers!

Bomberella: It is all about that ass. Or bass.

TheQueenOfMpls: I hate that song so much, now.

Bomb_Voyage: I dunno, I think this movie has charm.

Bomberella: Yeah, it lasted only a few playings for me. @Bomb_Voyage, it’s still early, but I don’t hate it.

TheQueenOfMpls: It’s more entertaining than that Nic Cage flick from a few weeks ago.

Bomberella: @TheQueenOfMpls: There’s a Rocky’s in Brooklyn Center. We may have to take a road trip sometime!

TheQueenOfMpls: @Bomb_Voyage I was talking about the Meghan Trainor song, All about the Bass.

TheQueenOfMpls: @Bomberella YYYYAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!

Bomberella: :)

Bomb_Voyage: @TheQueenOfMpls Oh, fair enough. Try this version on: https://youtu.be/lc9MzCcmNCU

Bomb_Voyage: Are you two still talking about pizza?

Bomberella: Speaking of Rocky’s, the South African guy who hired them REALLY looks like Rocky!

Bomberella: @Bomb_Voyage, of course!


TheQueenOfMpls: @Bomb_Voyage CUTE!

TheQueenOfMpls: okay, no more caps now

Bomberella: Oh, of course, he wants to capture the creatures. To study. For science.

TheQueenOfMpls: Oh, I thought kill. Silly me.

TheQueenOfMpls: National Geographic makes him HOT!

Bomberella: Super hot!

Bomb_Voyage: In fairness, paleontologists are hot, full stop.

TheQueenOfMpls: I will admit that I am surprised both of these characters had passports.

Bomberella: Okay, so it’s like Jurassic Park and what’s that movie where they try to capture the creature first instead of killing it? OH YEAH, every monster movie.

TheQueenOfMpls: I’m sure Africa and Arizona share a lot of the same elements of geography. You know, like, rocks and desert and stuff.

TheQueenOfMpls: What a freaky little child!

TheQueenOfMpls: Yeah, you stupid shit! Eat the fucking worm!

Bomberella: Gross


Bomberella: Yay, another woman!

TheQueenOfMpls: OOOh, We eat the Assblasters, like chicken wings at a Rocky Rococo’s!

Bomberella: Oh barf. “You’re like a pumpkin spice latte, only instead of pumpkin, it’s African spice.”

TheQueenOfMpls: Bare lady belly. Someone’s gonna have sexy sex time!

Bomberella: Not if the Ass Blasters can help it!

TheQueenOfMpls: Well, that killed the mood.

Bomb_Voyage: That was an awfully pornographic hand shadow.

TheQueenOfMpls: He just unintentionally flipped him off! ‘

Bomb_Voyage: I can’t tell if they were both eaten or if he got eaten and she had an orgasm.

Bomberella: I think it was intentional.

TheQueenOfMpls: If she had an orgasm, she is one sick fuck!

Bomb_Voyage: Or the scriptwriter is.

Bomb_Voyage: That is a kick-ass truck.

TheQueenOfMpls: Michael Gross! Stop walking!

TheQueenOfMpls: Everything in Africa is bigger! Even my dick!

Bomberella: “If you’re dumb, you bleed.” -The guy who doesn’t understand biology.

Bomb_Voyage: “If you’re dumb, you bleed.”

TheQueenOfMpls: Yay! The chick showed up!

Bomberella: I was really hoping the doctor and the paleontologist would talk so this would pass the Bechdel test.

TheQueenOfMpls: Women are only in this movie to die via assblasting orgasm!

Bomb_Voyage: That was the only real chance.

Bomberella: Sad.

TheQueenOfMpls: Look, she was prolly talking to other women at the dance. Bechdel pass?

Bomb_Voyage: They have to have names.

Bomberella: And a conversation on camera.

Bomberella: Does dancing around, causing vibrations, seem like a good idea in an area where giant subterranean worms have just been confirmed seem like a good idea?

TheQueenOfMpls: She roofies (fingers crossed) Bechdel passed?

Bomb_Voyage: If she roofies him, it’s definitely an end-around the Bechdel test.

Bomberella: O

Bomberella: O_o

TheQueenOfMpls: Sure, yeah. Machete it. Good idea.

Bomberella: You’d be surprised at how many people carry machetes like they’re nothing.

Bomb_Voyage: I would not.

Bomberella: I had, like, two or three machete cases I investigated.

Bomberella: Ridiculous.

TheQueenOfMpls: In “Murica” we carry guns like their lipbalm.

Bomberella: So true.

TheQueenOfMpls: *They’re

TheQueenOfMpls: Sorry, bed ingrish majjur.

Bomberella: Actually, the machete seemed to do okay.

Bomberella: initially, anyway.

Bomb_Voyage: No, don’t kill that guy! He’s a badass!

TheQueenOfMpls: Maybe he wanted to be written out like Anthony Edwards in ER.

Bomberella: So I’m confused: they have a whole dance dedicated to the Ass Blasters, but they’re a new phenomenon?

Bomberella: How long before Riddick bites it, d’you think?

TheQueenOfMpls: There’s a Shrieker!

Bomb_Voyage: I’m always a little uncomfortable with the crazy American gun nut as the hero.

TheQueenOfMpls: Eww, ew, ew, ew,ew ,ew ,ew

Bomberella: Me too..

TheQueenOfMpls: TURN THE AC ONNN!!!!!!!!!

TheQueenOfMpls: Oh, now he’s RAMBO. WTF!


Bomb_Voyage: Wait, he’s a psycho gun nut who only carries like six bullets?

Bomberella: This movie is everything that is wrong with America.

TheQueenOfMpls: I also don’t like that he’s a hero. How many republicans endorse this film?

Bomb_Voyage: And everything that America thinks is right with itself.

Bomberella: Guns, big gas-guzzling cars, overusing the AC.

TheQueenOfMpls: Is this a metaphor for more white colonialization of Africa?

Bomberella: “Just another pimple on the ass of progress.” -Michael Gross to Jamie Kennedy

Bomberella: “What’s a veterinarian doing with a machine gun?” Good question.

TheQueenOfMpls: Assblaster colony. joy.

TheQueenOfMpls: Why did he take off his goggles?

Bomberella: He can’t act with them on.

Bomberella: Oh, the old, “attract ’em with a flare” tactic…didn’t we see that in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World?

Bomb_Voyage: Where are the eyes?

TheQueenOfMpls: and the ass just blasted!

Bomberella: And Riddick is going to die.

TheQueenOfMpls: fire farting!

Bomberella: Flame re-fartant!

TheQueenOfMpls: Well, crap. Just killed the asshole.

PJSkretty: how far in are we?

Bomberella: “Why did you kill it?” Um….what did you think I was going to do with a machine gun?

Bomberella: @PJSkretty, welcome!

Bomberella: We’re at 45:20

TheQueenOfMpls: @PJSkretty HELLO!

TheQueenOfMpls: Oh, man. Gummers didn’t see that coming!

Bomberella: That is the ugliest looking embryo.

TheQueenOfMpls: Poachers. All over Africa. Africa is fucked!

Bomberella: I have a hard time eating poached eggs because of the name.

Bomb_Voyage: Gross.

Bomberella: Oooh, Gummy Worm just took off his shirt! And more gratuitous peeing.

TheQueenOfMpls: Peeing is so freeing.

Bomberella: And good insect repellant, apparently.

TheQueenOfMpls: Ew. ew ew ewewewewe ewewew ewew

Bomberella: WE are now witnessing Michael Gross’s greatest performance.

Bomberella: I mean, pee-formance.

Bomberella: I’m amazed he can pee. When it’s that hot usually you just sweat it all out.

Bomberella: And now the lion peed on him. Seriously?

Bomb_Voyage: Hahahaha.

TheQueenOfMpls: now the lion is peeing. hil-ar-i-ous

PJSkretty: Did we start right at 9pm?

TheQueenOfMpls: Yes! Jamie Kennedy to the rescue.

Bomberella: Pretty much.

Bomberella: @PJSkretty

TheQueenOfMpls: @PJSKretty Yeah. or as close to 9 as your internet allows.

Bomberella: It’s really sad, because Michael Gross was probably a classically trained actor and this was his chance to stretch his acting chops.

PJSkretty: Gotcha. Fast forwarding. Michael Gross in a cage and wild ride?

Bomberella: yes!

Bomberella: He just crashed and Jamie Kennedy just opened the cage.

TheQueenOfMpls: You won’t be missing much.

PJSkretty: Nice! I’m up to speed!!!

Bomberella: Yay!

TheQueenOfMpls: I’m wiki ing Michael Gross.

PJSkretty: Jaime Kennedy looks different with that beard

Bomberella: He should have used that on his show.

TheQueenOfMpls: Yale! The guy went to Yale for his MFA. And now does Tremors 5 in a cage peeing and getting peed on. I knew an MFA would be a rip off.

Bomberella: Yay! We just passed the Bechdel test with the mother and daughter.

Bomberella: Whew.

Bomb_Voyage: She’s an archer on the side? Awesome.

TheQueenOfMpls: SWEET! Bechdel Passed!

Bomberella: @TheQueenOfMpls: Sad! I just finished an MFA a couple of years ago.

Bomberella: I hope I never get peed on by a lion.

Bomberella: Or Michael Gross.

PJSkretty: Katniss Test too

TheQueenOfMpls: But not an MFA in Acting from a world reknowned Ivy League institution.

Bomberella: True. Wait…

Bomb_Voyage: What if you got a chance to play the lion and pee on Michael Gross?

Bomberella: I might have to think about that.

Bomberella: Nope. Still nope.

TheQueenOfMpls: Lol. trade in value. Like they have that in Africa.

PJSkretty: I hope he’s getting compensated well for keeping some continuity to the franchise.

TheQueenOfMpls: Yay! Guns!

Bomberella: @PJSkretty, I’m sure he is. Or else he’s desperate.

Bomberella: I really hope they come out with Tremors 6: Why God Why?

TheQueenOfMpls: @PJSkretty Yeah, because Kevin Bacon is not in this one or the other 2-4.

Bomb_Voyage: How many movies have we seen that copy the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park?

Bomb_Voyage: I feel like it’s in every other movie.

TheQueenOfMpls: There’s the velociraptor toe!

Bomberella: Too many. Also the heat sensing of Predator.

Bomberella: “Shoot her! Shoot her!

TheQueenOfMpls: Prolly purchased from a Spielberg yard sale.

PJSkretty: haha. I love the idea of a Spielberg yard sale

Bomberella: Me too!

PJSkretty: ILM bake sale

Bomberella: It’d have the animatronic shark from Jaws

TheQueenOfMpls: Okay, so bullets don’t kill shriekers but arrows do. Duly noted.

TheQueenOfMpls: Oh no! The asshole is getting his comeuppance.

Bomberella: Wait, they can’t reach you on the rocks?

Bomberella: Why doesn’t everyone just live/stand on rocks?

TheQueenOfMpls: Finally some decent CGI.

Bomberella: Also, didn’t that first guy die in a rock/cave?

PJSkretty: George Lucas Pot Luck

Bomberella: LOL

TheQueenOfMpls: Yeah, he fell in.

Bomberella: Princess Leia’s Pork and Beans

TheQueenOfMpls: Well, so much for savinghis life.

PJSkretty: Han Solo Cups

TheQueenOfMpls: ^^ lol

PJSkretty: Every badass needs a badass leather coat

TheQueenOfMpls: Once again , I can’t tell if this is Arizona or africa.

Bomberella: @PJSkretty, so true. Is that a badass leather coat?

TheQueenOfMpls: I don’t know. the coat doesn’t have enough badass zippers and random quilting.

PJSkretty: It looks pretty badass. Lots of quilting. Is quilting badass

Bomberella: “You’re suffering from a mild case of heat exhaustion and a major case of getting too old for this crap.”

Bomberella: Way to steal a line from Lethal Weapon.

TheQueenOfMpls: quilting is bad ass because leather is hard to quilt.’

PJSkretty: Great quote

Bomberella: @TheQueenOfMpls, so true.

TheQueenOfMpls: Pair of what, Gummer?

PJSkretty: Could use more zippers though, I agree

Bomberella: Luke Skywalker’s Taco Dip is a big hit.

TheQueenOfMpls: I wish I understood what gummer meant by pair. . . I guess my feeble female mind will assume boobs.

Bomb_Voyage: I’m baffled. Why is Jamie Kennedy going in?

TheQueenOfMpls: jerk said the R WORD.

Bomberella: Because he’s younger than Burt.

Bomberella: Ugh. I hate that that word is still around.

TheQueenOfMpls: has gummer showered yet?

PJSkretty: Did they already find some tremor poop?

TheQueenOfMpls: I bet he reeks!

Bomberella: Nope, still pee-fumed.

TheQueenOfMpls: @Bomberella Bravo!

PJSkretty: I think they need better tracking skills. Tracker 101 is always checking out some poop

Bomberella: I don’t remember seeing tremor poop. But, I think Tremors don’t poop. They’re too polite.

Bomberella: Just Ass Blast fire.

PJSkretty: I think he just stole from Die Hard with that line

TheQueenOfMpls: Maybe that’s why they’re so pissed off. Constantly constipated then when they do poop, it burns.

Bomberella: I think he just found the nest!

Bomb_Voyage: I wonder how much of this movie we could find in other movies.

Bomberella: Like Aliens!

Bomberella: So much, @Bomb_Voyage.

PJSkretty: “Come to Africa, See some lions they said…”

TheQueenOfMpls: yes, use more fire. good idea.

Bomberella: It’s the Ian Malcolm scene from Jurassic Park

PJSkretty: I take it these line references to other movies has been a theme tonight

Bomberella: ^Indeed.

Bomberella: The Crazy Worm is a delicious drink, btw

TheQueenOfMpls: Yeah, but the movies are referenced are considered good movies.

TheQueenOfMpls: Nothing makes a movie more badass than a chopper.

TheQueenOfMpls: Just in time!

Bomberella: Especially one with teeth!

TheQueenOfMpls: Chopper choppers!

PJSkretty: ooooh nice. I imagine the gummy worms are a great garnish

Bomberella: They are. I got the sour ones.

Bomberella: Of course.

Bomb_Voyage: Odds on the worm eating the helicopter.

Bomberella: Not going to bet agaionst that.

TheQueenOfMpls: Oh, no. another red shirt just killed.

PJSkretty: haha poor red shirt

PJSkretty: head first too

TheQueenOfMpls: Fly the chopper you idiot!

Bomberella: Drop off the guns first!

PJSkretty: 2-1 odds on the helicopter lifting off with a tremor emerging below it

TheQueenOfMpls: Guns don’t work! Arrows and grenades! Like good God fearing Murican Chrischuns.

Bomberella: That just disproved the whole “If people could conceal and carry they’d be able to stop an attack sooner.” That chopper guy had an arsenal and he waited until the guy dies before pulling out a gun to shoot the worm.

Bomb_Voyage: That’s super gross.

TheQueenOfMpls: Well, shit. No one else can fly the damn chopper. End the movie now!

Bomberella: Burt Gummer just said, “This is a bag of dicks.” Best. Line. Of. The. Movie.

Bomberella: Would you want to be swallowed whole or chewed to pieces?

TheQueenOfMpls: Now there are egg metaphors.

PJSkretty: swallowed whole

TheQueenOfMpls: Badass music playing. shit’s going down.

PJSkretty: can finally live out that whole Jonah and the Whale thing

Bomberella: Yeah, that’s what I thought. Because chance Ian Ziering will chainsaw you out.

Bomberella: But then you’re being digested whole.

TheQueenOfMpls: LOL

Bomb_Voyage: Odds on an Ian Ziering cameo before the end.

TheQueenOfMpls: Is Ian Ziering in this?!?!?

PJSkretty: Lol, Ian Ziering

Bomberella: Oh man, I wish.

Bomberella: He was in an episode of CSI:NY I saw last night.

TheQueenOfMpls: Please oh please! OR Jason Priestly,

PJSkretty: speaking of which, why can’t we conceal and carry a chainsaw yet?

Bomberella: I was amazed he did stuff other than Sharknado.

Bomberella: @PJSkretty blame Obama.

TheQueenOfMpls: Teeny tiny chainsaw.

Bomb_Voyage: @PJSkretty It’s the concealing that’s the problem.

TheQueenOfMpls: I’m sure Brookstone at the MOA has them.

PJSkretty: Yes! Popeil’s Pocket Chainsaw!

PJSkretty: AAAaaahhhhh

PJSkretty: Spat him out!

Bomberella: I had a complainant stick a sawed-off shotgun down his pants. I asked if it made him walk funny and he didn’t seem to understand why it would.

TheQueenOfMpls: No one has a fucking inner monologue!

Bomberella: How can they advance the plot if they do?

TheQueenOfMpls: Sometimes the best acting doesn’t have dialogue!


PJSkretty: true. That way it stays true to the book

TheQueenOfMpls: Book?

PJSkretty: Tremors 5 the book

TheQueenOfMpls: You mean people still use those things?

Bomberella: Skretty, have you been reading the Tremors series.

Bomberella: I’m so glad to know people still read.

Bomberella: Katniss is going to be the hero.

PJSkretty: It’s sooo good. I just hope the author can keep up to the movie production

TheQueenOfMpls: yes, the ground is breaking. get down. good advice.

TheQueenOfMpls: Katniss!

Bomberella: My dad had a mole problem once. All we did was set traps and that seemed to take care of them. I’m not sure why they don’t just do that here.

TheQueenOfMpls: slomo boob run.


Bomberella: Gotta have the slomo boob run. It’s practically an Olympic sport!

Bomb_Voyage: Her bow and arrow seem superfluous at this point.

TheQueenOfMpls: Mole. And my first thought was how he put a trap on his face to “catch” his mole.

Bomberella: No face moles. Just a few freckles.

TheQueenOfMpls: Mol-e, Mol-e, Mol-e. MOLE MOLE MOLE MOLE MOLE MOLE.

TheQueenOfMpls: mole

PJSkretty: anyone else hope that Charlize Theron and the mad max cars arrive?

TheQueenOfMpls: Would make it a better movie!

Bomb_Voyage: Oh it’s a stripped Unimog. Obviously.


PJSkretty: ooooh big reveal

Bomberella: Called it!

TheQueenOfMpls: I call her mom. Touche

TheQueenOfMpls: I hunt worms. I learned it from watching you!

Bomberella: I love how they have this moment while they’re being chased by worms.

TheQueenOfMpls: Ooh, I hopr at the credit roll it’s an episode of Maury.

Bomberella: “I want a per-ternity test!”

PJSkretty: You are NOT the father

Bomberella: I think you mean, pee-ternity, Gummball.

TheQueenOfMpls: All he has to do is pee in a cup. He’s peed so much already. He knows how.

TheQueenOfMpls: Does this music make any sense to anyone?

PJSkretty: It feels very walking dead here

TheQueenOfMpls: Girl’s gonna die.

Bomberella: Michael Gross insisted on this music,

PJSkretty: thunder cloud?

Bomb_Voyage: I just realized the badass vet is wearing Lara Croft’s outfit from Tomb Raider.

Bomb_Voyage: Looks better in it, though, to be honest.

TheQueenOfMpls: Look at all the black people in Arizona.

PJSkretty: haha

PJSkretty: Someone get out the snake charming flute

TheQueenOfMpls: You’re right. Lara Croft,

Bomberella: It’s also Laura Dern’s outfit from Jurassic Park, minus the denim shirt.

Bomb_Voyage: Why did they not smash the egg already?

TheQueenOfMpls: I never connected the dots.

Bomb_Voyage: @Bomberella Oh, good point.

TheQueenOfMpls: That girls is unbelievably calm. Or bad at acting.

Bomberella: I’m with you, @Bomb_Voyage, why did they wait to smash the egg?

TheQueenOfMpls: Now, you have an idea now!>!??

Bomberella: LOL

Bomberella: Oooh, the foreshadowing has come to fruition

Bomb_Voyage: I knew it.

Bomberella: Those look like my dad’s mole traps.

PJSkretty: THAT was her flare?

Bomberella: With less barbed wire.

TheQueenOfMpls: HOw did he get a dirt bike from Arizona all the way to Afrika? Oh, yeah, filmed in Arizona.

PJSkretty: At least all those African extras got to experience Craft Service

Bomberella: @PJSkretty, we can’t all work at Chachkis

PJSkretty: badass Michael Gross

TheQueenOfMpls: Barbeque at the local village!

Bomberella: Eat the worm!

Bomb_Voyage: That makes no sense.

Bomberella: It’s raining Worm!

PJSkretty: Yes, worm barbeque

Bomberella: “I just got wormed.” – Jamie Kennedy

TheQueenOfMpls: Yay! HE accepts his son

Bomb_Voyage: There’s got to be at least one more worm.

Bomberella: Does the one on the spit count?

PJSkretty: I wish the director would have slipped in a dancing Ewok in there. Little tip of the hat

Bomberella: I was just thinking that!

TheQueenOfMpls: Thats all any of us ever really wanted. None of my issues are coming up to the surface at all. None.

Bomberella: They could have gotten it from George Lucas’s Pot Luck.

PJSkretty: “Yub Yub…”

TheQueenOfMpls: I don’t think a teddy bear picnic would have made any sense.

PJSkretty: Yes, call back to the pot luck!

Bomberella: And then Travis could have killed Burt Gummer in Luke/Vader fashion and we’d be done with this series of films for 25 years.

TheQueenOfMpls: Rejected. never mind, feeling better about myself already.

TheQueenOfMpls: And done!

Bomberella: Love that the last word is “Pops.”

PJSkretty: Burt Gummer – Survivalist

Bomb_Voyage: Okay, that was a pretty good movie to end Season 1 on.

Bomberella: ooh, I love credit clips

Bomb_Voyage: I give it 4 stars for a solid good-bad movie.

PJSkretty: An actual believable ending. Make them a reality tv show

TheQueenOfMpls: And here’s their AE show commercial.

Bomb_Voyage: Made me smile.

TheQueenOfMpls: Shouldn’t it be Travis Gummer?

Bomberella: That would have made it too obvious.

Bomberella: Well, that was delightfully bad. As always, the chat was way more entertaining.

PJSkretty: “dirty guys are sexy” As evidenced by all those hot homeless guy calendars

Bomb_Voyage: Awesome.

Bomberella: LoL

Bomberella: I’d give it 4 stars for good-bad.

PJSkretty: Fantastically bad, Awesome chat

Bomb_Voyage: 4 stars!

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