In a nefarious and unexpected turn, a New York court refused to grant Kesha’s request for an injunction that would allow her to record without working with her alleged abuser, producer Dr. Luke. While courts do not typically like to invalidate contracts, they also—and I’m just guessing here—prefer to, y’know, provide some justice in the form of an injunction every now and then. Like when, in the course of a contract, one of the parties becomes verbally, emotionally, and sexually abusive towards the other. That’s a pretty good damn reason to grant an injunction. (Which, by the way, would not invalidate the contract at all. But it would allow Kesha to get on with her life while the courts grind it out.)

The absolute obtusity of Justice Shirley Kornreich’s reasoning should be disconcerting to anyone remotely familiar with the case. Kesha’s career has been on hold for several years since she decided to walk away from an abusive situation. She has been effectively silenced by Sony’s failure to intervene. And now she’s being told that in order for her career to move forward again, she will have to work with someone who has caused her egregious pain and suffering. Without even considering the veracity of Kesha’s claims, wouldn’t it make sense for Sony to at least pair her with another producer? Or is it company policy to force people who clearly do not get along to work together?

None of this matters, since the end result is still the same. Kesha will have to wait until the conclusion of the trial, which could easily take years. By then her chance at reviving her career will have long passed. It’s all over. Or is it?

It occurred to me after hearing the news that it’s very clear Sony does not give a single shit what happens in this case. They’ve complained before about being stuck between Kesha and Dr. Luke, and they’re clearly on the defensive after being added to Kesha’s lawsuit for enabling Dr. Luke’s behavior. What would convince them to get out completely? The same thing that would convince any company to drop any contract: lots of money.

With that in mind, here is a crowdfunding campaign to buy Kesha’s contract from Sony.

There’s no guarantee we will raise enough money. Even if we do, there’s no guarantee that Sony will sell Kesha’s contract at any price. While the main goal is admittedly a long shot, we still stand to raise a lot of money that can go towards Kesha’s legal fees in her suit against Dr. Luke.

Also—and this is very important—Dr. Luke is a scumbag.

Please donate if you can and spread the word. I’m looking forward to sending a huge “fuck you” check to Sony.

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