Was your Monday as wild as mine was? It started out fine, just another day at the office, but I kept seeing people on Twitter talking about Ghostface Killah but not like they usually do. This had very little to do with music.

As it turns out, Action Bronson was invited on an episode of SportsNation (why? who knows?) where he was asked how he feels about being compared to Ghostface all the time. Granted, this is old. Dude’s been sounding like this since day one. Ghost even laughed it off not too long ago. But in the heat of the moment on live TV, Bronson’s response was shocking.

It sounded like he’d had enough of the comparisons. Who could blame him? It’s a surface-level thing. Anybody could hear the similarities, though whether it follows that Bronson was biting I’m not sure.

Regardless, Ghostface did not appreciate Bronson’s remarks, and so he decided to do six minutes of video to offer a rebuttal over the strains of Teddy Pendergrass singing “Be for Real”, occasionally stopping to emphasize a lyric (pretty amazing how he times it out).

It’s certainly effective, and it’s hard to argue with his logic: Ghost did a PSA twenty years ago on this very issue.

Ghost’s video is full of harsh invective and some disturbing threats, but also what might be my favorite insult of all time: “You walk around the club with no shoes on.” This is inoffensive in anyone else’s voice, but Ghost makes it sound brutal.

After all that, this may be the fastest beef in the history of rap, as Action Bronson has already posted an apology. We’ll see how this plays out going forward. Ghostface is as prolific as ever, and it’s hard to believe he would pass up the chance to take shots at Bronson on a record.

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