There are so, so many things a good lawyer should not do where judges are concerned. For example, do not

Let New Mexico attorney Eric D. Dixon act as a cautionary tale for all of us:

According to the testimony of witnesses, when Mr. Dixon turned onto Main Street, he saw Judge Hartley crossing the street on his way back to the courthouse from lunch. Mr. Dixon honked his horn to get Judge Hartley’s attention, and then accelerated within the lane that Judge Hartley was still slowly crossing on foot. To avoid being hit by Mr. Dixon’s vehicle, Judge Hartley moved quickly to a space between two parked cars on the side of the road. Judge Hartleybelieved that he was in danger of being hit by Mr. Dixon’s approaching vehicle.

People do indeed tend to believe you are going to hit them with your car when you drive your car right at them.

Don’t fret, though. Even though this wasn’t Dixon’s first time at the bad behavior rodeo — he’s also been accused of menacing witnesses — he has only been hit with a public censure. Oh, and New Mexico, the state lucky enough to count Dixon among its attorney ranks, removed him from his post as a member of the state lawyer disciplinary board. Seems like a wise move.

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