Monday round-up


  • At Jost on Justice, Kenneth Jost contends that the Court’s ruling striking down the fraud convictions of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell “is the latest evidence that for all the lip service given to the jury system, juries are an endangered species today in federal and state courts alike.”
  • At Just Security, Steve Vladeck discusses the amicus brief opposing certiorari in a challenge to the constitutionality of the military death penalty.
  • At Empirical SCOTUS, Adam Feldman argues that, “at this point, the renomination of Judge Garland to the Supreme Court appears to be the most sensible choice for Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton if she is given such an opportunity.”
  • At Forbes, Robb Mandelbaum looks back at last Term’s unanimous ruling in the government contracting case Kingdomware Technologies v. United States, describing it as a “big symbolic victory for small business.”
  • In The Huffington Post, Michelle Fields reports that “many right-leaning legal scholars” believe “that, as important as the Supreme Court may be, it does not override all other issues when considering” the candidacy of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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