* When Virginia Law Weekly and the Virginia Law Review played their annual football game in 1970, then-Professor Antonin Scalia served as the referee. At the end of one play — that ended in a momentum-changing interception — Scalia overturned the result with a critical “too many men on the field” call. If anyone knew the importance of a recount, it was Justice Scalia. [More Us (UVA Law Library)] * More fallout on the propriety of Justice Scalia’s trip to Cibolo Creek Ranch as a guest of John Poindexter — who had business before the Court last year. Was that ethical? Well, always remember that in the sober world of judicial ethics, the Sigma Nu kegger. [National Law Journal] * Speaking of Justice Scalia, with a political fight set to embroil the Court, perhaps Chief Justice Roberts should take a lesson from Chief Justice Hughes. [Maryland Appellate Blog] * Former Scalia clerks describe their experiences working for the late justice. First up, conservative Justice Joan L. Larsen of the Michigan Supreme Court. [New York Times] * And Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown partner Tara Kole on the unique challenges and rewards of serving as Scalia’s “liberal clerk.” [Washington Post] * Looking to the next Supreme Court appointment, these charts really drive home President Obama’s commitment to opening the federal judiciary to lawyers, judges, and professors traditionally locked out of the “old boys’ club.” [Wonkblog / Washington Post] * Did a lawyer just commit suicide by police? Over a $16,000 debt? That’s all? [Jane Genova]

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