* Brad Karp and Christopher Boehning of Paul, Weiss make the case in favor of stripping gun manufacturers and sellers of their statutory immunity from suit in most negligence and product liability actions. [New York Times] * Remember the Moonlight Fire case? Ten state AGs have filed an amicus brief in support of the cert petition. [U.S. Supreme Court] * It’s almost time to file your taxes — and the Supreme Court just made it a little bit easier to cheat on them. [Volokh Conspiracy / Reason] * In other SCOTUS news, the Court is taking its sweet time in handing down opinions this Term, as Adam Feldman observes. [Empirical SCOTUS] * And speaking of Adam Feldman, he’s now working with SCOTUSblog — congratulations to both parties! [SCOTUSblog] * Leading media lawyer Charles Glasser looks at the challenges that corrections pose to the media (both print and digital). [Daily Caller] * Vineeta Vijayaraghavan points out that gun violence doesn’t spare the elite, noting that firearms killed three of her Harvard classmates (including Professor Dan Markel). [USA Today] * Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics consulting firm, has been widely condemned for its work on the 2016 Trump election campaign — but it’s not clear that its conduct violated data-protection laws or even Facebook policies, according to Tim Pullan of ThoughtRiver. [Artificial Lawyer] * Professor Michael Dorf remembers lawyer, author, and editor Julie Hilden, who passed away earlier this month. [Dorf on Law]

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