* Watch out, law students! Democratic politician Darren Soto is in hot water for what he wrote as part of Law Revue. [Gawker] * Bernie may be complaining about Hillary’s fundraising, but according to election law expert Rick Hasen, “legally this seems weak.” Well, when you are alleging someone is breaking the law, “legally weak” is good enough. [The Atlantic] * Fourth Circuit to the rescue! Today, the court held that federal law prevents public schools from banning students from using bathrooms that align with their gender identity. [Slate] * Predictions on how the justices will wind up voting in U.S. v. Texas. [Empirical SCOTUS] * A new day, a new lawsuit against Trump. Filed yesterday, Cheryl Jacobus is suing for defamation, and Michelle Fields seems like she might not be far behind. [The Slot] * ICYMI, here’s our own Elie Mystal talking elections on Morning Joe. [MSNBC] * Need more time to focus on business development? Delegate your work. [Reboot Your Law Practice]

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