* If Bush v. Gore didn’t teach you that election laws are a mess, then this season of Veep will hammer the lesson home. [Strook] * D.C. Circuit Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh knows the value of saying no — especially to a sitting president. [United States Law Week] * Oh, this is fun, well, at least if you are an avowed Trekkie. There’s an amicus brief written entirely about the Klingon language. When arguing that Paramount cannot claim a copyright over the Klingon language, what better to spice up your prose than some quotes actually written in Klingon? [Popehat] * A look at the most cited law reviews in Supreme Court opinions from the 2013 Term to the present. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Wait — what did this Oklahoma court say? That forcing an unconscious woman to perform oral sex isn’t sexual assault? What. The. Hell. [Slate] * Pauli Murray, lawyer, scholar and activist, just had a residential college named after her at Yale. [New York Magazine]

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