* Fanfic come to life! Allison Janney handles the White House press corps as C.J. Cregg. Can you catch all the West Wing references she throws out in under a minute? [The Decider] * Sure, people want a “sleep revolution,” but it is only likely to garner ridicule in the legal profession. Aren’t we lucky? [Law and More] * Salon’s latest HOTTAKE suggests Bernie or Bust folks should vote for Donald Trump. Yes, it is that stupid. [Lawyers, Guns and Money] * Behind the IP fight that killed a fashion house revival. [The Fashion Law] * Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is really pissed at the Southern Poverty Law Center because they filed an ethics complaint against him. I mean all he did was tell probate judges not to marry same-sex couples… [Wonkette] * U.S. military says U.S. military is not guilty of a war crime for bombing a Doctors Without Borders hospital. [Huffington Post] * The impact an eight-justice Supreme Court may have on climate change. [Green Biz]

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