* The 2016 election cycle has been a doozy, and we still have six months left. Rick Hasen, Tom Mann, and Norm Ornstein discuss going from political dysfunction to Trump. [Election Law Blog] * Father Michael Reilly is being sued for cursing and using other offensive language in the course of his work at Saint Joseph’s by the Sea High School on Staten Island. [New York Daily News] * Who files the most amicus briefs with the Supreme Court? A report by the numbers. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Is it possible to get funding for a truly unique idea in real estate investment? [The Real Estate Philosopher] * Deep thoughts on covering the legal industry with Above the Law’s editor-at-large, Elie Mystal. [Mimesis] * What’s it like to be out at a Biglaw firm? [Big Law Business] * The Supreme Court has approved a rule change to dramatically increase the government’s ability to hack into computers and phones worldwide. [Slate]

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