* Does anyone have any idea what Merrick Garland should be doing right now? If so, give him a buzz — he needs your help. [The Onion] * Interview with a restaurant lawyer. See, you can specialize in anything. [First We Feast] * If law professors act like divas, should they get tenure? Does it matter how much the publish? [Tax Prof Blog] * Advice for those interested in becoming a legal writing specialist. [Reboot Your Law Practice] * Surprised by the Supreme Court punting on Zubik? You shouldn’t be, it was entirely predictable. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Thanks to Arizona Law, undergrads who haven’t decided what to do can keep their options open with the GRE. [NPR] * This is why legislators have to be careful about what they vote for — otherwise unscrupulous politicians will change the name of a bill to make it look like it provides support for a potential pandemic, when it does nothing about it. [The Slot]

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