* An analysis of Judge Garland’s rulings on the D.C. Circuit — what type of judge he is, who has he been historically, and what he might be like as a Supreme Court justice. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Ex-Skadden lawyer Charles Bennett, who pled guilty to running a Ponzi scheme, got sentenced to 5 years in prison. [Law360] * Some of the most damning evidence in the lawsuit against Rolling Stone over its (since retracted) UVA rape story may be a law firm’s involvement. [Gawker] * Super. One of Donald Trump’s delegates was just indicted on child porn and weapons charges. I’m fascinated to know how that will lead to a bump in Trump’s polling numbers. [Law Newz] * This criminal defense attorney actually enjoys his job. I thought a lawyer that was fulfilled by their job existed only on TV. Nicely done, sir. [Katz on Justice] * Securities lawyer is getting two years in jail for tax evasion. You should really know better, dude. [Daily Business Review] * An attorney faced disciplinary action for letting her deadbeat boyfriend do illegal s**t in her basement. [Legal Profession Blog] * A cool opportunity in legal journalism: full-time editor of SCOTUSblog. [SCOTUSblog]

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