* What is up with the lively Twitter feed of George T. Conway, former Wachtell Lipton partner and husband of top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway? It’s not entirely clear — but if you’re not already following GTC, you should be. [Politico] * Because Masterpiece Cakeshop isn’t the only cake controversy out there: mom tries to get “summa cum laude” written on her son’s graduation cake, hilarity sues. [Althouse] * Over at the invaluable Take Care blog, you can now find an extensive database of articles addressing impeachment in the Age of Trump — to complement Laurence Tribe and Joshua Matz’s new book about impeachment (affiliate link). [Take Care] * Is Justice Anthony M. Kennedy about to retire from the Supreme Court? Per Adam Feldman, “signs point to Justice Kennedy remaining on the Court past this term notwithstanding all of the discussion surrounding his retirement.” [Empirical SCOTUS] * When #MeToo meets defamation claims: a court tosses Tavis Smiley’s libel claim against PBS. [Volokh Conspiracy / Reason] * “Surprise! Your expert witness has a rap sheet.” And there’s no plug-and-play solution to vetting expert witnesses, as Jean O’Grady explains. [Dewey B Strategic] * Saira Rao, who helped diversify the world of children’s books, hopes to do the same for politics — by becoming Colorado’s first woman of color elected to Congress. [Teen Vogue]

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