* If only all court filings were as easy as The Onion imagines they could be… Maybe with the next Apple update. [The Onion] * Fascinating, and maybe just a bit unsettling for those that’ve gotten inked: how law enforcement is using biometric technology in tattoo identification. [Electronic Frontier Foundation] * Are the members of the Supreme Court getting bored waiting for a ninth justice? [Slate] * The true story of how a small, informal lawyer listserv got recognized by the Supreme Court. [New York Personal Injury Blog] * New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, isn’t mincing words when it comes to Trump University, calling it a “straight up fraud.” [Huffington Post] * Don Verrilli is retiring, here’s a look at the Solicitor General’s role and success in generating petition grants when he (and his office) recommends them. [Empirical SCOTUS] * A Black Lives Matter activist was convicted on for “attempting to unlawfully remove a suspect from police officers” in a move some have criticized as an attempt to chill lawful protests. [Gawker]

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