* Not your most typical legal job: the life of a PETA lawyer. [WSJ Law Blog] * Joe Scarborough has weighed in on Donald Trump’s statement about Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican heritage. For the record, the former Republic Congressman thinks “[i]t’s completely racist.” [Politico] * Based on comments Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have made, what will our next Supreme Court justice be like? [Empirical SCOTUS] * They may hate him, but with the perspective of three years, it is clear Edward Snowden actually helped the legal intelligence community. [Lawfare] * Donald Trump “fought back” against Elizabeth Warren, saying she made a “quick killing” in real estate after the economic downturn, but what do you know? Facts suggest otherwise (namely that she bought real estate in Oklahoma to help her family and their construction business). [Washington Post] * You can win an early copy of The Curve, a brand new novel by Jeremy Blachman and Cameron Stracher, about a corrupt Trump University-style law school. They’ve set up a website for the fake law school in the book, and would love readers to check it out and submit their own worst law school story for a chance to win an advance copy. [Manhattan Law School] * Who knows what the composition of the Court will be like when they hear it, but the Supreme Court will take on another racial gerrymandering case. [Election Law Blog] * The D.C. Disciplinary Counsel took seven years to pass judgment on an administrative law judge who sued a dry cleaner for $60 million over a pair of pants. [Legal Profession Blog] * What Muhammad Ali lost when he went to the Supreme Court. [Slate] * Using the life of a passed appellate attorney as inspiration for practice. [Guile is Good] * Does a sound legal case exist for indicting Hillary Clinton? [Beck’s Law] * BuzzFeed turns down cold hard cash over its decision to turn away Trump for President ads. [Buzzfeed] * The “Gig Economy” — things are only getting worse for adjunct professors. [Law and More]

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