* A deep dive into Justice Thomas’s dissents this term. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Without Justice Scalia, Supreme Court outcomes are a lot more difficult to predict. [The Guardian] * A definitive list of portmanteaus for countries thinking of leaving the EU. Portugo. Beljump. Czech-Off. I love these. [Quartz] * Federal court orders preliminary injunction in favor of transgender bathroom rights. [Buzzfeed] * What goes into making a Biglaw brand? [Law and More] * Kicking your procrastination habit and becoming a productive law student. [Law School Toolbox] * A “frustrating” and “heartbreaking” decision: U.S. v. Texas. [Friend of the Immigrant] * Latham partner, Abid Qureshi, is being vetted for a seat on the D.C. district court. [Law.com] * David Lat’s take on surviving in the digital age. [Infinite Spada]

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