* A debate between two British academics in honor of National Ukrainian Independence Day. [Debates.EU] * Fascinating podcast with Professor Steve Drizin who heads up the legal team defending Making A Murderer’s Brendan Dassey. [Scalar Learning] * You really don’t want a stressed out jury on your hands. [Law360] * The University of Kentucky would rather sue its student newspaper than release documents about a professor accused of sexual assault. [Buzzfeed] * Early retirement is probably not happening for law firm partners. [Law and More] * The Title VII loopholes restaurants use to only hire pretty servers. [Jezebel] * Scott Brown is denying Andrea Tantaros’ allegations that he sexually harassed her at Fox News. [Slate] * Is law school worth the money? 1 percent of attorneys have high paying careers — you be the judge. [Investopedia] * Analogizing law school to setting a track and field world record. [Tax Prof Blog]

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