* Saudi Arabia made a robot a citizen. What will the ramifications of this be on international law? [Law and More] * The legal troubles of the Wolf Man. Or — wait for it — Mo’ Moon-ey, Mo’ Problems. [The Legal Geeks] * If you’re in D.C. next week, Thomson Reuters is hosting “The Future of Law Schools” at the Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center. The conference is bringing together an impressive collection of legal academics, administrators, hiring partners, and practitioners to discuss where legal education goes from here to foster the next generation of lawyers. [Future of Law Schools] * We’ve already covered how comically unfit Jeff Mateer is for the federal bench. And that was before we learned that he’s compared the treatment of Christians under Obama to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. I can think of at least six million problems with that sentiment. [Newsweek] * On that note, it’s looking more and more like these judges are the heart of Trump’s domestic agenda. [Rewire] * Checking in on Don Verrilli. Not to fault his success at Munger Tolles, but it’d be nice if he could go back to his last job. [Bloomberg Big Law Business] * The delicate art of the legal threat. [Katz on Justice] * A bar exam failure offers advice on turning your fate around. [Modestly Jonathan]

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