* Hey there 3Ls — need a handy excuse for why you didn’t do the assigned reading? Here’s some help. [Law Prof Blawg] * One law review’s attempt to address diversity among its ranks. [Yale Law Journal] * One Missouri Law School professor supports the protesting students, but with caveats. [Truth on the Market] * Most lawyers DO have fulfilling careers — well, as long as you live in Texas. Hardly seems worth it. [TaxProf Blog] * One NYU Law professor, Jason M. Schultz aka @lawgeek, is moving on up. He’ll be advising the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on IP and innovation. Congrats! [Twitter] * On the eve of yet another GOP shitshow primary debate, a question for the ages: Is Hillary Clinton to the right, politically, of Richard Nixon? [Lawyers, Guns & Money] * From an orphaned child refugee to a diplomat, an inspiring story. [Quartz]

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