* Paul Weiss didn’t always want Jeh Johnson — he didn’t even get a callback when he applied in law school. [Coverage Opinions] * With a title like “On The Ripeness of Potted Plants and Other Non Sequiturs,” how could this not make this post? [Take Care Blog] * Want to avoid stress? Start volunteering. I’m not sure where the time for that will come from, but it is a great idea. [Motherboard] * While we were talking about bonuses, the Cliven Bundy was declared a mistrial over a slew of Brady violations, meaning, for once, the Bundys were right that the government overstepped its authority at their expense. [LA Times] * Wear the same outfit as a feminist statement. Really. [Quartz] * What will happen with blockchain in the legal industry in 2018? [Law and More] * Reading tea leaves in Masterpiece Cake. [Empirical SCOTUS]

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